Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Update!

  • Will is for-real crawling, and he is fast. 
  • He pulls up on everything and is starting to let go. He wants to walk so badly, but I tried telling him he couldn't...he doesn't listen to me.
  • His daycare teacher and Sunday School teacher said it looks like he is about to get some top teeth. He won't let me look in his mouth so I cannot confirm that.
  • My mom took us shopping on Saturday.  Will racked up! We are so grateful he has such wonderful grandparents.
  • Clay and I bought Will a few Christmas presents. We are trying to keep it low-key this year and focus on our family and starting traditions with our boy!
  • THANKSGIVING is next week!!! I can't wait. It is my favorite holiday.  I love just sitting around with family and eating and talking.
  • Will broke our laptop at home.  He pushed it off the table and the screen is cracked.  I knew it would happen eventually. So we are computer-less at home until we can get it fixed, and since Christmas is right around the corner, I don't know when that will be.
That is really all that is going on with us. I will post some pics tomorrow if I can remember to bring my camera to work.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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