Monday, January 31, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth!

On Saturday, Will went to the Circus for the first time! 

Clay and I were so worried that he would hate it...but we worried for no reason, HE LOVED IT!!!

While we waited for the Circus to start, Uncle John bought Will a icee in a clown cup. He loved it!

Will couldn't wait to see the elephants.  He talked about them all day.  They were definitely his favorite part of the Circus and luckily they were incorporated into a few parts of the show. 

Ashley bought Will this light up toy that had a little elephant on the top.  He has carried this toy around for the last two days.

I have mentioned before that Will has quite the fan club.  Not only did Ashley and John go with us to the circus, Jordan, Kristen, Robby, and Molly joined us too.  Molly is 3 and I think this was her first year to go to the circus too.  She loved it as well.  Including us, we had 2 kids under 3 and 7 adults over 25.  Fun group!

Kristen in her pink plastic clown pigtails.

Robby, Jordan, John, and Molly

I am so glad Will loved the Circus as much as I did when I was a child.

It was a great night shared with family and friends!

Sunny Saturday

Saturday was absolutely beautiful!!! I am so ready for Spring now.

Since it was so pretty outside, Clay decided to burn our burn pile and Will joined him.  I am so thankful the boys were able to spend some time outside cleaning up the yard. Our back yard is clean now and it gave me a chance to clean up inside without a toddler following me around.

Mom came over for a little bit and cleaned the front bathroom and mopped all my floors. I hate to mop and mom always does it for me if I ask nicely. THANKS MOM!!!

John came over too and played on the swing set with Will. John had to get Will a hammer and screwdriver because Will insisted that he needed to "fix" the swing set.  He is really into fixing things these days.  John spent probably an hour out there "helping" Will with his work. 

We had to literally drag Will in to eat lunch and take a nap so we could go to the circus.

I was so glad to get caught up with all my house work and have a nice relaxing day at home!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Last Saturday, we had a lazy day at home.  It was fantastic. We wore our PJs all morning long and didn't get out of the house until well into the afternoon.

We were looking for some fun things to do, so we found this little paint set Will got for Christmas and it was a hit!

Will love painting, but he mostly loved washing his brush off in the water. He didn't really grasp the concept at first. He would put the brush in the paint and then directly into the water.  Finally, he understood to put the brush in the paint and then onto the paper.

It was a fun little project and he sat there for almost an hour painting his masterpiece!

Now his artwork is proudly displayed on the fridge!

John's Birthday Dinner

I should have posted this a while back, but I have just downloaded the pictures and I didn't want to skip it.

For John's Birthday (Jan. 14th), we went out to eat with Mom and Dad and a large group of friends. We were seriously packed in there like sardines.  It was tight quarters, but it was fun!

John picked Logan's.  So off we went to dinner.  Here is everyone:
Brandon, Lane, Jeffrey, Becca, and Ashley

Mom, Dad, the Birthday Boy, Riley, and Drew

Ashley (again), Kristen, Jordan, Clay, and Will

After our dinner we went back to Mom and Dad's for cake.  Last year after his birthday, John requested a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and Clay put a reminder in his phone, so we remembered to get one this year!  The cake was so yummy!

We had a little present issue because Will thinks every present that he come in contact with is his.  So we were going to open presents after we ate cake, but John had to open the present before we went to dinner because Will was pitching a fit about it.  Then we had to take the present with us to eat because Will wouldn't let us leave it at Mom and Dad's.  So John got to open the present from us twice. Once before dinner and again after cake.  Life is always interesting with a toddler!

We got John new sheets, two new pillows, and a movie. That is exactly what he asked for!  You know you are getting old when you start asking for practical stuff instead of fun stuff. Plus John, my dad, and Clay always have interesting birthday gifts because their birthdays are so close to Christmas.  Maybe we need to let them celebrate their birthdays in the summer so the gifts can be a little spread out!

John- We hope you had a great birthday! We love you!

Birthday Prep and a fun night at home and the potty

It feels like we have been busy, busy at house.  I can't really think of much that we have actually accomplished but I feel like we are always busy. January has definitely been a crazy month for us!

Last year, I updated frequently about planning Will's 1st birthday and I didn't plan on doing that again this year, but it seems that I should probably add a little something about his birthday party planning.  We weren't going to do a huge party this year and we were thinking of ways to keep it simple, but obviously, we are not simple people.  I wanted to something small and simple and that is not going to happen. Clay and I talked and talked about it and it is just not possible to leave certain people out.  So  big party it is!  Will seriously has so many people that are constants in his life. It is amazing how many people love my child. Clay and I are overwhelmed by that thought daily!

Also, last year it took me a long time to settle on a theme, because Will was only 1 and not really in to anything. But thankfully this year his has some favorites, and this picture will give you a party theme hint...

 He put the stickers on himself, and was so proud!

So we are having a Mickey Mouse birthday.  I am so happy because there is a ton of Mickey stuff available so it takes some of the stress out of planning.

I have already purchased the invitations, return address labels, thank you cards, and most of the party decorations and supplies.  Really all that is left to do is order the cake and food, send out invitations, and then have the party.  I am excited and I hope Will will love it. Most people think it doesn't matter about the party because he won't remember, but I want him to be able to look back at pictures and know that he was celebrated and loved.  It's more about the people and the time we get to spend with them, and less about the preparation and money it takes to pull this party off.

Okay, enough about that for now!

Last night, while Will was putting stickers on his face, we also did a couple of other fun things.

Clay and Will played basketball while I cooked dinner.  Will is finally understanding what to do with the ball.  He loves to shoot the ball and claps even if he misses.  It is so cute.  Clay and his dad have a long running tradition of father-son basketball games, so I am glad that this is something Will and Clay can continue.  Of course, Clay has an advantage right now because the goal is only 3 feet tall!

After supper Will got a bath. This is his favorite thing!  A couple of months ago we got this tablets that turn the water different colors. I think the first time we did this, we turned the water purple and Will flipped out and tried to crawl of the tub.  Clay found the color tablets in the linen closet and asked Will if he wanted to put it in the tub. Will said "jes" (yes) so we turned his water a bright blue.  He didn't seemed to mind it this time and had fun splashing around. 

I know all parents say this, but I am pretty sure he is the cutest kid ever!

After the bath and before putting on Will's jammies, he told me he had to tee-tee. We have been talking about the potty and sitting on the potty but nothing has ever happened.  BUT, last night,  WILL TEE-TEED IN THE POTTY!!!  I think I scared him at first because I was so excited. I don't know if it was a one time thing or if he will do it again, but we are definitely encouraging him and following his leads with this.  He got an M&M as a prize so maybe that will give him a little motivation.  We are so proud and we will see if this whole potty training thing progresses.  Of course, I will continue to update along the way.

It was a fun night at home and thankfully is was pretty restful.  We are going to take Will to the circus this weekend, so that should be interesting.  He will either love it and not want to leave, or he will hate it and either Clay or I will spend our evening walking him around outside.  We are going with a big group of friends, so hopefully because we will have a lot of familiar faces, he will enjoy it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

We became those parents...

Clay and I officially became those parents who have an out of control toddler!  We thought Will had bad moments before, but Will hit an all time high on Thursday night.

We started off the evening by trying to go eat with Bobby and Rob.  They invited us to Jim N Nicks so we thought that would be a nice low key dinner.  Will lasted roughly 15 minutes at the table and then he was done.  He cried, whined, and said the word "no" five hundred times.  Clay and I alternated taking him outside so the other could eat.  The restaurant gave him a balloon and he was all good...for a minute.

Since we were near the AT&T store, I thought we could run in and get a phone since mine had died. Will seemed to be okay with this until we actually got in the store and then he lost his mind. Screaming, crying, laying on the floor...the whole bit.  It was awful. Clay and I just stood there looking at each other like "who's kid is this?" 

As we were leaving as quickly as we could, Clay said he looked over and a women was giving him the "what the heck is wrong with your kid?" look.  In the car,Clay said he remembered when he gave that look to other parents and now he felt like an idiot because we were those parents now!  Very humbling.

As we were getting in the car, Will was still at it.  Screaming and crying for no reason.  I was so frustrated that I threatened to pop his balloon and he became hysterical.  I don't know what came over me.  I cannot believe I told him I was going to pop the balloon.  When did I become THAT mom.  I didn't actually pop the balloon. Once we got home and Will had forgotten about the balloon, Clay released it  before Will saw it.

As soon as we got home, we got Will in his PJs, did his bedtime routine and put him in bed.  Clay and I were exhausted. 

The next day I watched an episode of "Super Nanny" and that made me feel a little better.  Then another mom told me that one time when her boys were fight and screaming over balloons in the car, she rolled down the window and threw the balloons out. It is nice to know that other moms have those moments too.

All has been well in our household since Thursday. Will still has had his moments, but nothing like that night.

I guess Clay and I need to toughen up because we are about to hit the "terrible 2s" with full force!

Friday, January 14, 2011

National Championship Trip - Pictures

I took so many pictures while we were in Arizona. There is no way I could post them all on the blog. If you want to see more, go HERE and check them out.


National Championship Trip - Tuesday

We woke up Tuesday as the National Champions, and it was time to head home.  I wish we could have spent a little more time in Arizona, but we did what we came there to do.

We lounged around that morning and got packed up.  We went and grabbed some lunch and headed to the airport. The flight back was uneventful, which was nice. 

The entire time we were in Arizona, it was 65 degrees and sunny. It was beautiful!

When we got back to Birmingham, snow was on the ground and it was freezing. Not what you would expect in Alabama. 

Dad picked us from the airport and we headed straight home to see Will. It was around 11 PM and he was asleep, but I scooped him up as soon as we walked in the door. I don't think he knew what was going on, but I just had to let him know Mommy and Daddy were home.

I rocked him for bit and then we all headed for bed. It was an exhausting trip but I was so thankful that we got the opportunity to go.

THANKS to Dan and Celia for gifting us the trip and THANKS Mom and Dad for keeping Will so that we could go and enjoy ourselves!

National Championship Trip - Game Day

We slept in a little bit on Monday morning because we knew we had a long day  ahead of us and we were leaving the hotel until 2.

Once we got up, we met Dan, Celia, Richard, Kate, and Gray in the restaurant to have some breakfast.  After breakfast we went back to get ready for the game.

When it was almost time to leave we heard Dan singing and cheering. We found him in his room with his iPod having his own pep rally. Ha!

We loaded up on the buses and headed for the stadium. I got nervous when I saw this in the distance.

We went to the tailgate party first and got some food.

I was so crowded at the tailgate party that we decided to head for the dome.  It was a good thing we did because tons of people were already trying to get in and it was a madhouse.

While we were waiting to get in, we saw some friends from home. We also saw these planes flying around.

Once we were in the dome, we walked around to check out where John and Richard were sitting and took a couple of photos.

Clay and I sat in the Auburn end zone and were 21 rows up from the field. We could see everything that was going on and I got some great pictures.

Here are some photos from before the game:

ESPN College Gameday was there.

Cam Newton warming up.

Michael Dyar and teammates warming up.

The band!

Coach Chizik

An eagle flew before the game.  It wasn't one of Auburn's eagles and this was apparently planned before they knew Auburn would be playing in this game.  It was really neat and it felt like we were in our home stadium.

The coin toss.

I didn't take any pictures during the game because I was so nervous.  It was  a GREAT game. It was so close the entire time.  We had fun with the fans that were sitting around us.  We were all so into the game!

Wes Byrum right before he kicked the game WINNING field goal!

With a score of Auburn - 22 and Oregon - 19, we are the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

It was so awesome to be there in person to witness this historic win. Nobody thought Auburn could do it, but we proved them wrong.  The dome was 70% Auburn fans and it felt like we were home.  It was a great win and a great experience.

Clay and his dad have been to too many games to count, and have always been dedicated to this team. I think this picture sums up what a wonderful moment it was for the two of them.

Coach Chizik accepted the crystal football,

and they had a live feed from Toomer's Corner:

After the awards ceremony, we met up with John for a few minutes and then back to the hotel. There was a little mix up with our hotel bus, but despite that we made it home safe.

Once we were back at the hotel, we celebrated some more and hung out around a fire pit with some more Auburn family.  It is a day I will never forget!


National Championship Trip - Sunday Night

Clay, Richard, John, and I all hung out at a place called The Upper Deck for the remainder of Sunday Night. 

When we got there, Tiger Talk was broadcasting live.  They had a bunch of guests, but we couldn't really hear what they were talking about because it was so crowded and loud.

The one guest I did hear, was an actor.  If you don't watch Grey's Anatomy then this won't mean much, but he was the shooter at the end of last season.  His name is Michael O'Neill and he is an Auburn grad.

After Tiger Talk was over, it cleared out a little.  There was a band and DJ that played and we had fun dancing and singing to all the songs!  It was so fun.

While we were hanging out, we ran into my old boss, Kathy, and her husband, Greg.  I was so shocked to see them. It was great getting to catch up and hopefully if Clay and I ever decide to move back to Auburn one day, I will have a job with her. 

Then it was time for T-Will to preform. Clay is a member of an Auburn chat room and they set up the whole night and got T-Will to come.  We were so excited!

T-Will sang 3 songs and, of course, one of them was Tiger Walk. 

It was a fun and exhausting day.  We headed back to the hotel so we could rest up for Game Day!!