Friday, April 23, 2010

Will Eating

Tuesday night, Will decided he wanted to feed himself.  He was really cranky so Clay and I gave in and let him have the spoon. 

He did a decent job and actually got some food in his mouth.  Of course, there was more food on the table and floor. 

It is hard to let him try and feed himself because all he eats is baby food and it is usually pretty runny.  He REFUSES to eat anything but baby food. I told him that he cannot go to college eating out of a baby food jar. Ha! Hopefully soon he will decided he wants to eat some real food!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A-Day 2010

On Saturday, we took Will to his first A-Day.  Will's Pawpaw went with us and we had a great time.

Will loved the band playing and would clap when they played. He would also point to the football field every time we asked him where the football was?  I think his daddy is proud that he likes watching sports.

He did really well once the game started but then he started to lose interest. I took him down to the concourse and he played with some kids his age and touched every germy thing in a 3-mile radius.  I guess that is a kid thing.

We also got to see our friends, Alisha and Mandy. It was good to see them at an Auburn game even though they are Alabama fans!

On the way home, we stopped by Publix to pick up some groceries.  I think the highlight of Will's entire day was getting to "drive" the buggy.  He laughed the whole way through Publix and was sad when we had to get in the car!

Will Helps Daddy!

Tonight, Will decided he would help his daddy clean all the pollen off the screened in porch. He sprayed the water all over the porch and all over himself!  He is a very good helper.

I was not at home, so Clay snapped these pictures with his phone. I also have to brag on my husband.  After they got done cleaning up outside, he fed and bathed Will before I got home! Since he did that, we were able to spend the rest of the night hanging out together!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Diamond Dash

Last Saturday, April 10th, Clay and I participated in an event call Diamond Dash. Clay heard about it on the radio and wanted to see what it was all about. Diamond Dash is a scavenger hunt around downtown Birmingham. You accumulated points by finding various spots in the area and answering questions about those locations. The big prize was a $15,000 diamond ring.

Clay did some research and was getting really excited about it. It sounded like an okay idea until he told me I had to ride a bicycle. I was a little freaked out. I hadn't been on a bicycle in YEARS and now the man I promised to spend the rest of my life with wants me to ride on around downtown Birmingham. I thought he had lost his mind!

Waiting in line to register!

After some coaxing, I decided it would be a fun thing for us to do as a couple, so we signed up! If you know my husband, you know he is SUPER COMPETITIVE. He makes everything a competition. I just knew if we didn't do well or I was too slow, that this would not be a fun day for us.

Clay looking for an answer.

The day of the event, we got up and headed downtown. There were 150 couples there! We did really well and really helped one another. I held my own on the bicycle with only one minor incident and a small bruise.

Hanging out at Rogue Tavern waiting for the results.

We kept checking our score throughout the event, and knew we were doing pretty well. Clay thought we were at least in the top 10 and I was proud of that. We thought maybe if we won some Crawfish Boil tickets, it was worth our hard work.

Little did we know, we came in SECOND PLACE. I was shocked! We won a $500 gift card to Bromberg's. I thought we did great but of course Clay thought we should have won. We were only 14 points behind the first place couple.

Getting our prize!

I have already been to Bromberg's and have a couple of items on my wish list!

We had fun and enjoyed getting to spend time together.

Daycare Woes

As most of you know, Will is a daycare kid. I really love the class he is in and his two teachers, Ms. D and Miss Ashley, are absolutely wonderful. I couldn't ask for better teachers. I can tell that they care for him and love him.

Recently, things have come to my attention that I just can't shake the thought of. It makes me question the daycare and that is not a good feeling when you are a mom. In the very near future, Clay and I are going to have to make some serious decisions regarding Will's care. It is something I dread because he is so happy and I don't want to disrupt his little life.

I just want to ask if you all would pray for us during this time. I am not sure what the outcome of this situation will be. It all comes down to the safety and well-being of my child. He is my priority and I hope with lots of prayer and guidance, we make the best possible decision for him.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

I have loaded all of our pictures from the last few weeks to our Picasa site.

If you want to see some more pictures of Will, you can go HERE.

Alabama Baptist Children's Home Drop-off

As most of you know, for Will's first birthday, we had everyone bring donations for the Alabama Baptist Children's Home instead of gifts for Will. We were really excited to do this for Will's birthday!

Will and I went a couple of weeks ago to drop off all the things that we collected. It was quite a bit of stuff and filled up the 4Runner execpt for where Will and I were sitting.

I totally forgot to take pictures. The trip was a little demanding on me because we had to travel to Anniston to drop off the donation and Clay wasn't able to go with us. We got everything delivered and the administration staff seemed very appreciative.

They asked me what church I was from because they thought a whole church had taken up items. They were really surprised when I told them it was all donations from our family and friends for Will's birthday. I am so proud to call all of you friends because without you this donation wouldn't have been possible.

Here is a list of things we donated:

  • 2 sets of twin sheets
  • 3 packs of socks
  • 8 packs of underwear
  • 2 sets of pajamas
  • 2 - 4 packs of toothbrushes
  • 4 hairbrushes
  • 12 bottles of shampoo/conditioner
  • 2 packs of soap
  • 7 tubes of toothpaste
  • 2 packs of hair accessories
  • 3 bottles of hairspray
  • 5 large packs of diapers
  • 1 box of baby wipes
  • 2 mesh backpacks
  • pencils/pens & pencil sharpeners
  • notebooks
  • 5 rolls of paper towels & 1 - 12 pack of paper towels
  • 4 packs of toliet paper
  • 2 packs of napkins
  • ziplock bags
  • garbage bags
  • 9 assorted cleaning products (Clorox, 409, etc.)
  • 11 boxes of poptarts
  • 5 boxes of fruit snacks
  • 9 large packs of juice boxes
  • 1 large box of animal crackers
  • 1 large box of fruit cups
  • 1 large can, 2 small cans, & 20 packs of Kool-Aid
  • 1 large can of fruit cocktail
  • 1 large bag of sugar
  • 17 boxes of various snacks (applesauce, pudding, crackers, etc.)
  • 2 boxes of jello
  • 2 cans of fruit
  • 2 canisters of oatmeal

Visiting with friends

A couple of weekends ago, we went over to Brantley, Tracee, and Clancee's house to eat dinner and hang out.  We love spending time with them and Will always has a fun time.  Tracee always gets down on his level and he loves that!

Tracee got the shakers out for Will to play with.

Not sure what is happening here.

Tracee trying to sneak up on Will.

Clancee and Tracee making Will laugh!

He thought this was hilarious.

Easter 2010

We spend Easter in Wedowee at Mawmaw's house.  We went down Saturday night and spent the night, so we could be up early Sunday morning for sunrise service.  Mawmaw goes to a small church and they do not have a nursery, so we knew we would have to take Will with us in the service.  He did well during the singing part of the Sunrise service but I had to take him out during when they went outside to watch the sunrise because he kept pointing to the cars and yelling the word "car" over and over again.  After sunrise service, we had breakfast at the church and then went back to Mawmaw's to take a nap before the normal Sunday service.

At the regular service, Will did well during the singing and even participated in the children's church part.  They gave out suckers to the kids, and that was a bad idea. When the preacher started his sermon, Clay had to take Will out to the playground because he felt like he needed to "talk" to the preacher in a very loud voice.  Maybe next year will go better, but I doubt it. 

After Church, we went back to Mawmaw's to eat lunch. It was yummy and Will got his easter basket. He also got some easter cards from Pawpaw and CC, and Mawmaw.

After lunch, we headed out to hunt Easter eggs. Will did really well. He would find the eggs and then put them in his basket.  When we finished hunting eggs at Mawmaw's, we headed to Roanoke to visit Clay's grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousins. His cousin, Misty, held a big Easter egg hunt and her husband cooked out for everyone. We had a fun spending time with them and meeting some people from Clay's childhood.  Will hunted a few eggs there but he was getting tired and we knew we needed to head home.

We had a great Easter.  It is a wonderful way to celebrate that Jesus rose from the grave! We love worshipping at Mawmaw's church and spending time with our families!

Here are some pictures from Easter:
Will's Easter basket

Will looking at his goodies.

Hoarding the eggs.

Daddy and Will before Church.

Our little family. It is really difficult to take a picture with a one year old. 

Will with CC and Pawpaw.

Easter outfit.

Ready to find some eggs!

Putting eggs in his basket.

Letting CC see one of his eggs.

While picking up an egg, the basket got in the way and then he fell over.  He wasn't hurt but it was really funny!

Going up and down the stairs with Mawmaw.

Hanging out in the swing with Pawpaw.

MA turns two!

Melanie Anne turned two on April 3rd! I cannot believe that she is TWO already!

She is such a sweet little girl and has a great personality. I love getting to spend time with her and her parents. Lisa and I are such great friends and I hope MA and Will continue the tradition!

MA had a Curious George birthday party at her Nana's and we were so excited to go. Lisa asked everyone to gift her with books and I just have to say, MA will not need to buy another book for a very long time!

All the kids enjoyed playing together and thought they needed to "help" MA open her gifts. After the birthday festivities, they all played out in the yard together. I believe Will was the youngest. All the kids were running around and Will was doing everything at his own little pace. He was having a blast and loved watching the big kids.

Catch-up Post!

Hi Everyone!

I have been MIA from the blog for some time now. That wasn't intentional, but I plan on playing catch-up today! There will probably be a couple of different posts and I am going to update our Picasa album with some recent pictures.

I hope everyone has been well. We have been having a blast hanging out with family and friends and being out in the sunshine.