Monday, November 28, 2011

Iron Bowl Weekend

We were so excited about the Iron Bowl this year. We had a hotel to stay at and Will came with us.

Will talked about "going to Auburn" for days.  He was so excited. He loves Auburn and he loves football!

Friday, we spent the day walking around downtown and getting ready for our tailgate on Saturday.  We did some shopping and went to Toomer's Corner. 

Saturday, was the big GAME!  I was glad that it wasn't too cold.  Our tailgate was crazy. We had 6 tents, 4 tvs, 40 friends, and lots of food!

ESPN's GameDay was there so we walked over to see it. I don't think Will had any clue what was going on. But he got some free sunglasses and Cheez-its so he was a happy camper.

It was also an exciting day because Will was going to the game with us.  The last time I went to the Iron Bowl was 2007, so I was so happy to be able to go and take Will with me.  Not very many two-year-olds can say they have been to an Iron Bowl.

Will did great in the game.  He loved the band and the football team. He also kept an eye out for Aubie at all times.  The highlight of his day was when he saw Aubie dressed as Superman! 

I prayed that Will would not have a meltdown during the game, and he didn't.  We spend the 2nd quarter on the concourse eating popcorn and then at the end of the 3rd quarter, Will took a little nap in my lap.  Who would have thought he could sleep with all that noise.

The outcome was not what we would have wanted, but we were so proud of our team and we were excited to make a wonderful family memory.

Sunday, we got up and headed home. With Thanksgiving and the Iron bowl, it was a long couple of days but we got to be together and that is all that matters.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever.
1 Chronicles 16:34

As usual, Thanksgiving was busy for us.

We started out Wednesday night at Dan and Celia’s house for dinner. Kate, Gray, Joyce and Brent joined us as well. We had yummy spaghetti and a delicious spice cake. Will provided the entertainment and it was a great night.

Thursday morning, we were up with the sun and hit the ground running. Our first stop was Roanoke. We went to Shawn and Greg’s house to see them and visit with that side of Clay’s family.

After our morning visit with them, we headed to Wedowee for lunch with Clay’s Mawmaw. It was a beautiful day and Will loved getting to run around outside.

We spent some time riding on the 4-wheeler, playing basketball, and exploring the farm.

Lunch was amazing. It’s something about being in Wedowee and eating Mawmaw’s food, it just feels like home. There is no false pretense, you can be yourself and stuff yourself silly.

Soon, it was time to leave and head back home for dinner with my parents. My parents spend the day cooking and the food was great. The only disappointment was that we headed to Auburn right after dinner, so no leftovers for us.

As busy as it was, we are so thankful that we have so many wonderful places to visit and people there who love us. Clay and I are always overwhelmed at the love our families show to us and Will.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkeys and a Little Indian

Will and I made these turkeys and sent them out to family and friends.  Will loves arts and crafts so he had fun helping me cut and glue.

Tuesday when I picked Will up from daycare he had this on.

He loved it so much and wanted to wear it every where. 

I love that he gets excited over some construction paper, feathers and glue.  Its the small things that make me so thankful for this life God has given me.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Phone Pics :)

This month has kind of been same thing different day.  We don't  have too many exciting things going on, but we have been spending a lot of time as a family and that is what is most important.

Since I don't have a ton of new stuff to share, I thought I would share some pictures from our phones.

This picture was taken before Halloween.  These are the baseball socks that I bought for Will's costume. They were the smallest size that any store had.  Will loved them and asked me to pull them all the way up.  It was so funny.  He wore them like that until I made him take them off for bedtime.

Will always thinks its fun to ride with the windows down in the car. He insisted that we roll his window down one day when Clay was driving around 50 mph. 

Oh the potty!  I just thought this was cute. According to Will's teacher, he uses the potty consistently at school. Home is another story.  Sometimes he wants to go to the potty some days he refuses. As soon as football season is over, we are going to make potty training our #1 priority. 

This is where we found Will one night when we went to check on him.  He must have been really tired! 

One night, Clay took Will to see Pawpaw and CC. He loved every minute and ended up breaking two of Pawpaw's Auburn statues.  Good times!  Good thing they love Will so much.

Asleep in the car.

I bought this hat and sunglasses for Will for $1 each at the Children's Place Outlet.  He loves them!

Mawmaw bought Will these TowMater teeth. It was a sucker on the other side.  Hilarious!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Painting with Pop

My child is in love with his Pop!  Three different times this week Will has cried when we left my parents house because he wants to stay with Pop.  Saturday was no different.  Saturday morning, we got up and picked up Mawmaw to go to the grocery store.  Once we got back, I was going to take Will home to eat lunch and take a nap.  He was not having it.  He cried and screamed because he wanted to stay with Pop.  Not only did he want to stay with Pop, but he knew Pop was going to the paint store and Will "needed" to go too.  He kept telling me (through screaming and crying) "I go to the paint store with Pop. You not follow the rules, Mommy. I go to the paint store!" 

Needless to say, Pop saved Will from a total meltdown and let him go with him.  When that got back from the paint store, Pop told Will he had to eat a good lunch and take a good nap so he could help paint the cabinet doors.  (Dad built new cabinet doors and they are almost finished!!)  Will ate his WHOLE lunch and took the best nap.  He does whatever Pop says!!

Mawmaw picked Will up so I could go get a pedicure with Kristen! Praise the Lord!  When I got to their house for dinner, this is what I found:

At first I was telling Will how good he did and then I realized that looked like one of my cabinet doors.  I asked Dad if that was one of my new doors and he said Yes.  So then I thought, "of that must be the back of one".  That would be a sweet memory to have in our house.  Then Dad told me it was the front.  That is when I started to panic a little.  He let me go on thinking it was a new door for about 15 minutes.  He finally told me that it was one of the mock up doors he made.  I felt so relieved.  Will had so much fun!!!  Painting with Pop is all he has talked about since Saturday!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Operation Christmas Child 2011

It's that time again for Operation Christmas Child.  We made two shoe boxes this year, both for 2-4 year old boys. 

I let Will pick a couple of toys for each box.  He picked stuffed dinosaurs and some cars.  I added coloring books, crayons, a Bible characters matching game, toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, t-shirt, and flip-flops.  I cleaned a cabinet our recently and found some leftover birtday goodies, so we added those as well.  After we got everything in, we could barely close the boxes!

This year we were able to participate in something special because our church was an official collection center and my mom was the coordinator for our center.  On Wednesday of last week we got to work at the collection center.  It was a ot of fun. 

Here is Will taking his boxes into the collection center:

As of Saturday night, we had collected over 550 shoe boxes. 

Will was helping Mawmaw count all the boxes.  Too bad he only knows how to count to 13.

We love Operation Christmas Child.  I hope Will continues to enjoy making the shoe boxes and learns about what it means to give to others who are less fortunate.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Weekend in Review

This weekend was all about family and friends!

Friday night, Mom and Dad kept Will so that we could go out to eat with Kristen and her family to celebrate her birthday.  We ate at a little Italian place and it was so good.  The best part of the night for me was that I got to sit by Kristen's grandmother.  She is seriously one of the funniest people I have ever met.
Kristen and Jordan

Saturday, Will got up at 5:15 am.  Clay got up with him and they spent the morning watching cartoons and drinking milk. I got to sleep until 8 and was so thankful.  I seriously have the best husband ever.

We went as a family to Jack's and had breakfast.  Will was cracking me up the whole time.  He is so random sometimes and he was wired.  When we left Jack's, Clay went home to work on some projects at the house, and Will and I went to buy Kristen a birthday present.

Will wanted to go to Dollar Tree.  He picked out about 30 things to get Kristen, but we ended up buying a green jump rope, a princess crown, and a ceramic church.  He also picked out some balloons.  The assortment was quite random and included: a dump-truck, Elmo, Tinkerbell, a smiley face, and a Happy Birthday balloon.  We took Will's gift to Kristen and spent some time with her, since it was her actual birthday on Saturday.

Will and I ran a few errands and then headed home for naps!!  My favorite part of the weekend.

Saturday night, Mom and Dad offered to keep Will overnight so that we could go out with our friend's to celebrate Kristen's "?0"th Birthday!

Kristen with her Princess crown that Will bought her.

We ate a Cocina Superior and it was delicious.  Ashley brought an Edgar's cake, which is always a hit!


We ended the night back at Kristen and Jordan's house playing board games. It was so fun. I really don't think I have laughed that hard in a very long time. It was definitely a memorable night.

At dinner.  We decided that instead of Kristen being ?0, that she could be 29 years and 27 hours old!

Sunday morning I woke up to the phone ringing. It was Will and he was crying to come home.  Mom brought him to the house on her way to church and we headed there shortly after.  After church, we ate at Mom and Dad's.  Dad grilled chicken and pork chops and it was SO GOOD!  I wish I could eat my parent's cooking every day!

We ended Sunday with a pastor appreciation fellowship at church.  Will insisted on wearing this outfit:

Is that enough stripes?!?

He seriously is the silliest kid I know.  Love when he wants to pick out his own outfits!

Can't wait for next weekend!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-or-Treat 2011

We had a great Halloween Night! 

We started off the night at Mawmaw and Pop's house for pizza and candy!  When we got there, I wanted to take Will's picture by the fireplace because we have done it every year.  Well, this kid is getting too smart and he didn't want to sit by the fireplace because it was allegedly hot.  It wasn't even on, but Will was adamant that it was too hot.  We finally bribed him by having Pop sit with him at first and then offering candy!  But I got my picture so I am a happy mom!

After we ate pizza, we headed to the neighbors house so Mrs. Judy could see Will.  Will has been talking about trick-or-treating ALL WEEK so we were so excited that it was going to be so fun with him this year.  WRONG!  As soon as we got to the steps he started crying that he wanted to go home and he didn't want to trick-or-treat.  I picked him up and once he realized he would get candy he calmed down.

We left Mom and Dad's house and went back home to trick-or-treat and hand out candy.  Again, when we mentioned trick-or-treating, we refused to go.  We told him that we hand out candy to the other kids and eat candy out of the bowl, so he was all about that.

We sat on the front porch and Will had the best time seeing all the "good kids". Not sure why he kept calling them that but thus is life with a 2-year-old.

He put a whole Reese cup in his mouth and then realized that that might not be the best idea.  So he took half of it out and gave it to Clay. Hilarious!

We enjoyed getting to see our neighbors and it was a successful Halloween!