Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harvest of Friends

Tonight was Harvest of Friends at our church. I have come to love this tradition at our church.  It is so fun seeing all the kids run around in their costumes and getting to invite people into our church for dinner and games.

Will wore his baseball uniform. He loved it and couldn't get enough of the socks.  I had a friend make the shirt and he loved that it was his favorite color - GREEN!!!

He played a couple of games and rode on the train.  He even did trunk-or-treat with Mawmaw for about 10 cars. 

Here are some pictures from the night:

Playing soccer.

Not loving the train ride at first, but he got over it and rode the train about 10 times.

Uncle John!

Playing a game with Kritchen.

Riding the train with "Linda". Can you see his little blonde head?

Will and Jackson. Jackson was literally running all over the place so we had to catch him to get the picture.

Best buds - Will and Gavin.  This is the first successful Halloween picture of the boys. Normally, one or the other or both are crying.


Will with his "best fwiend" Cody! Love how funny both of them look!

We had over 400 people come to Harvest of Friends and we were able to share Jesus with them and that is the most important part of the night!!


Saturday, our town held an fall festival at the park called OktoberFest.  All the local churches and businesses have tents and there are some games for the kids.

Clay and Richard went to Auburn for the game, so Julie, Beth, Kristen, Will, and I went and walked around for a bit. It was SSSOOO cold and windy but that didn't stop us from having a good time.

Will played some games and "won" a bat and alligator. All the games were "everyone is a winner" type deal so it was pretty much us paying for him a prize, but he thought it was awesome.

We hung out at our churches tent for a while and Will got to play with some of his friends.

We ended the morning with lunch at Wendy's, then naps, and then we watch Auburn beat Ole Miss!

Chili and Pumpkin Carving

Friday night, Ashley, Beth, Julie, Richard, Mom, and Dad came over to the house to eat chili and carve pumpkins. 

I love eating chili on cold nights and it was such a wonderful fall night to have chili on Friday.

After we ate, we carved our pumpkins.  Will had two pumpkins, so we let him pick out something to carve on the first one and did his name on the second one.  Our punpkin carving kit came with some design pages and Will picked the "castle" (aka spooky house).  That is the one I carved and Beth carved his name in the other one.  Richard brought a pumpkin and carved two ghosts.

Will did not actually participate as much as I would have wanted, but it was fun to sit around with family and friends and make memories.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ice Cream Truck

I know it's October, but yesterday we let Will have a treat from the ice cream truck. 

When I was getting Will out of the car, we heard the music and Will started screaming "ice cream, ice cream!!"

Clay grabbed some cash and the ice cream truck stopped so Will could pick out an ice cream.

He picked a green and blue Popsicle. No surprise there since those are his two favorite colors.

The only down side was the Popsicle stained his face. It took forever to get it off, but it was a small price to pay for some afternoon happiness!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saturday and Sunday

This past weekend was so pretty. The weather was absolutely wonderful. 

Saturday, we hung around the house and played. 

We spent some of the afternoon outside and Will rode his tricycle in the driveway.

He had the best time and kept wanting me and Clay to watch him go fast!

Later, Kristen and Jordan came over to watch the Auburn/LSU game.  Kristen found this fireman jacket for Will and he loved it!

We had corndogs in honor of LSU.  Of course the game didn't go the way we would have liked but it was fun hanging out with friends.

Sunday, was business as usual. We went to church and then out to lunch with friends.  That afternoon, Pawpaw meet us and took Will shopping for new clothes. 

On Sunday nights, Kristen and I work in the nursery.  We thought it would be fun to make pumpkins with the kids.  Crafts only keep the attention of 2 and 3 year olds for about 5 minutes.  Kristen ended up finishing some of the pumpkin decorations.

And this picture is random, but this tree is in one of our neighbors yards. I made Clay stop the car and let me take a picture. I just thought the colors in the tree were so pretty!

Happy Fall!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

"but you're my best friend"

Lately, Will has been pushing his boundaries when it comes to bedtime.  We have the same bedtime routine every night.  We put on Will's PJs, read a book or two, say prayers, and then lights off. 

Well, about 3 weeks ago Will figured out that he could turn the door knob and get out of his room.  So that started a nightly ritual of him coming out of his room and standing in the hall calling for us.  We instituted a "you can not get out of your bed unless mommy or daddy come into the room" rule.  That worked for a day or so.

Then Will started yelling for us.  He was REALLY loud.  So loud, that one of us would eventually have to go in there to tell him to stop yelling.  We then tried to explain to him that he only needed to yell if something was really wrong.  He then proceeded to start screaming "I NEED YOU MOMMY/DADDY!!!" Finally, he stopped the yelling for a couple of days. 

In all of this, we found the more tired he was, the more he tried to stall going to sleep. 

So last night, he was really tired!  We put Will to bed,  and Clay and I went about picking up around the house and getting ready for bed.  We heard Will talking to himself so we figured he would fall asleep in a few minutes.  Clay and I were standing in our bedroom talking and the next thing we hear is the door knob of Will's door turning.  I went to Will's door and this was the conversation that followed:

Me: Will get back in your bed.

Will: but you're my best fwiend

Me:  Will you need to get back in your bed

Will:  but you're my best fwiend, I need you

Me  (while holding Clay back because he thought it was so cute, he wanted to rush in and "save" him from bedtime): Will get back in your bed now

Will: I need my best fwiend

I opened the door and Clay and I both went in.  He jumped back in his bed and was smiling. Clay gave him one more kiss and hug, and then left the room. I explained to Will that he needed to go to sleep and that Mommy and Daddy needed to go to bed too.  I went and checked on him about 20 minutes later and he was fast asleep.

I am sure we have many more nights of bedtime drama ahead of us. Thankfully, once Will is asleep, he is a great sleeper and doesn't get up during the night.

A Full Saturday

Saturday was busy!  Clay left at 6 am to head to Auburn for the game. Will and I were sad to be staying home, but I get nervous taking him to big SEC games that start late.

Will and I spent the morning hanging around watching cartoons and eating breakfast.  Soon it was time to get ready for our first birthday party.

Will's best friend, Gavin, is turning 3 this week so we headed to his sports themed birthday!  Will had a great time playing with all the sports toys.  We soon had to leaved that party to head to our next birthday party.

We met up with Kristen and headed to Ryland's house to celebrate his first birthday!  Will had a blast playing outside on the swing set and riding Ryland's Thomas train. 

After celebrating two birthdays, we headed home for a much needed nap!  Will was so tired he fell asleep on the couch, which has happened maybe twice in his entire life.  i moved Will to his bed and was able to take a nice little nap myself.

Once we woke up, we got ready and headed to Kristen and Jordan's for pizza and football.  Robby and Molly were there too.  Molly and Will had so much fun playing together.  They were cracking us all up. 

We ended the day with an Auburn win, which is always a great end to a Saturday!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Last night, Will and I made cupcakes.  He had been asking for a while so Friday was the perfect night.  In all honesty, I did most of the work.  He did have fun breaking an egg on the floor, licking the bowl, and putting on the sprinkles.

While we mixing up the ingredients, Uncle John came over and hung out with us for a little while.

Once we were done, we went over to Mawmaw and Pop's to give them their special cupcakes that Will decorated for them.

Now Will is asking to make a green Aubie cake.  I will have to do some research on that one.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Will's First Dentist Appointment and Some Back Story

Will went to his first dentist appointment on Friday, October 7th.  I was really nervous to take him because I didn't know how he would react to the whole situation.  And Clay completely put it out of his mind because he hates the dentist.

At Will's two-year-old well-check in March, our pediatrician recommended that we see a dentist for simple check-up before Will turned three.  Clay and i had been asking around about potential dentists and we were just waiting to find the right one before we made an appointment.

Of course, Will being the child he is, kind of sped up the process a little for us.  On Wednesday, September 28th, we were at Chick-fil-A with Kristen and Jordan having dinner. Will was in the play place and he was being a little rowdy. I should have known then to just take him out but I didn't.  He decided it would be a good idea to jump backwards off the one of the steps.  When he did, he hit his mouth on the step coming down and busted his gum pretty badly. He was bleeding like crazy and I freaked out.

Thankfully, Kristen was there to help me and calm me down. My mom was just up the street at a church service so I called and she was there in a few seconds. Once we got the bleeding under control, we noticed that one of his front teeth was pushed back a little.  We called our friend, who is a dental hygienist, and took Will to see her. She said everything looked okay but there may be some damage.  It was just a wait and see kind of thing.

Will's gums were pretty swollen and bruised up the next day, so I kept him home from school.  He only complained once about pain when he was trying to eat a chicken nugget.  After that we didn't hear any complaints from him. 

So all that lead up to us going to his first dentist appointment. We took the advice of our friend and went to a pediatric dentist she knew.  I am so glad because Dr. V is wonderful and he is an Auburn grad! 

Will was a little apprehensive at first. To be truthful, so was I.  He did cry a little bit when Dr. V started looking at his teeth and I could tell he was scared.  After about 5 minutes, he calmed down and the rest of the appointment went smoothly.  Dr. V told us the tooth looked fine but there would be no way to tell if there was nerve damage.  So hopefully its fine but we will be able to tell more as time goes on.

After Will's appointment, I took him to Target to get a prize for being so good.  He had fun playing with this little hat in the dollar section.  This was the only picture I got all day. :(

We go back for a cleaning in December, so I hope we have a good experience then.  Will seems to be okay with everything that happened because he has told everyone about how he went to the dentist. 

Another first for our little boy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Will goes to Legion Field

Saturday, we went to a UAB football game with Kristen and Jordan.  Auburn was playing away and the game wasn't until later that night.  The wearther was perfect so we ventured over to Legion Field for the UAB/Mississippi State game.

Jordan is a huge UAB fan so Will knows a little bit about UAB just from us hanging out with him so much.  Will always tells us "Jordan favorite color is green and gold."  Will also knew that a dragon was the mascot. He seemed fine iwth that fact until the morning of the game.  In the car he kept telling us that he "wanted to see football not the dragon."  I got worried that he may not like it once we got there.

It was fun to go to another staduim and watch a different team play. Will really enjoyed it and he had lots of room to roam around.

By the end of the game, he was telling me where "Blaze" (the mascot) was and talking all about him being a dragon.

Of course, there had to be a small panic attack thrown in.  At the beginnning of the fourth quarter, Will was restless so i told clay and Kristen and I would go aheasd and start walking to the car. Clay reached in his pocket and he didn't have our car keys.  We all paniced!  We asked a police officer and he radioed to the lost and found. No keys.  We looked in all our bags and pockets. No keys.  Clay ran to the car to look and found the keys. He left them in the ingnition with the doors unlocked.  Most people would say that Legion Field isn't in the best part of town, so we were so happy that our car was right where we left it!

First Post in the Month of October

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted last until my husband pointed it out to me. 

We haven't really had that much going on, but I feel like we are always busy.  Life is just crazy sometimes and I guess we are just getting through it the best we can.

Clay and I have both had a lot going on at work. So that keeps us pretty occupied. Then we have church commitments, Auburn games, and softball.  Will is still loving school and is usually pretty tired when he gets home.  We try to make time for the library and play dates.

Also, Mr. Two-Year-Old has been giving us a run for our money.  It is just a phase, but it is a tiring one. I don't want to complain because Will is our whole lives, but if you have ever had a two-year-old you understand.  It's just tough some days. He is so independent and strong-willed that it gets the best of all of us. 

Regardless of some behavioral issues, we have done some fun things lately and I plan on posting about those soon!