Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And then he licked the porch...

Tonight, Will and I were playing out on the back porch with Winnie.

Will decided Winnie needed some of his juice, so he poured some out on the deck for her.

It was really sweet until...

He decided he would drink the juice like Winnie.

He poured out the rest of the drink and then bent down AND LICKED THE PORCH! Disgusting! 

I thought I was capturing a sweet moment between a boy and his dog, not Germfest 2010.

Will thought is was quite funny!

What a Sunday!!

Sunday morning started out pretty normal.  We got up and started getting ready for church.

It was our last Sunday teaching our Youth Sunday School Class so we were rushing so we could go grab some breakfast for our class.

Will was laying on our bed drinking his milk.  He was being a little fussy and was burning up so I took his temperature.  It was 103.6! I immediately called my dad to see if he could watch Will during church because we didn't want to miss the last Sunday with our class and I had volunteered to help a friend in the nursery during service.  Dad said to bring him over, so we were in even more of a hurry to get him to my parent's house and make it to church on time.

You can tell he didn't feel good.

Clay took Will to the car and I gathered up everything. We pulled out of the driveway and got almost to the end of our street when our day took a turn for the worst.  Will threw up all over himself, his carseat, his bag, and the back seat.  Not a fun way to start the day.

We headed back home. I called my parents and told them we wouldn't be bringing Will over and mom said she would handle our church commitments for us.

We got Will and his carseat out of the car. Clay went and cleaned him up and I started trying to clean the car up. 

I had to take his carseat completely apart and wash every single part.  I won't go into to much detail but the cover had to be washed 3 times and Febreezed twice. His carseat has never been so clean!

This is his carseat and all the pieces.

Will acted like he wasn't feeling well for the rest of the day so we let him laying around and do whatever he wanted. He didn't get sick again and his fever came down significantly.

Dad cooked us lunch and Mom brought it over to us and hung out with Will for a while.  I did a million loads of laundry and cleaned everything in our house!

Monday morning we got up and took him to the doctor to get him checked out because he was still running a low grade fever. The doctor said it was probably a virus. He said when Will spiked the fever and threw up that that was probably the peak of being sick.  I only had to give Will Tylenol one time that morning and then his fever was gone. 

It was not a fun Sunday and I felt so bad that Will was sick. I am glad that he is back to his normal self!

Thursday Night Visitor

On Thursday Night, Will's Pawpaw came over to visit after work.  Will always loves getting to see him and they love to play together.

They played blocks and took a walk around the back yard.

I went and picked up dinner from Chick-fil-A and Will ate fries off of everyone's plate.

After dinner, Will thought that Pawpaw's hair needed to be combed.  Will did a good job getting Pawpaw's hair under control! Haha!

It was a fun night and we always enjoy when Pawpaw stops by to see us!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Adult

Will is changing so much each day.  He acts more and more grown up. 

Friday night, Clay, Will, and I went to Logan's for a little family date.  We headed over a little after 5 so we could beat the crowd and Will wouldn't get so overwhelmed in the restaurant. 

Once we were seated, Will didn't want to sit in the highchair, so he sat in a regular chair with no booster seat.  It was so cute.

He sat in that chair for the whole dinner and was so good!!

For dinner, Will ate fries and A-1 sauce.  I didn't think he would like the A-1 but he kept pointing at it so we gave him some.  He would dip his fries in it and then just eat the A-1. 

He also got a kid's cup with Sprite.  That made him so happy.  Sprite is a special treat, so he loved it!

We had a great time on our family date with our Little Adult.  I can't wait for our next outing just the 3 of us!

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry but I didn't have my camera so these are from Clay's phone.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Duckie Towel

My friend Andee made Will this duckie towel and gave it to me at my baby shower. I have just now remembered to take a picture of Will using it.

It is so cute and I love that is homemade.

And of course Will looks precious using it!

Thanks Andee!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Will's Shoe Obsession

Will is obsessed with SHOES!!!

If he doesn’t have his shoes on, he is carrying them around. If Clay and I don’t have shoes on, he brings our shoes to us.

When we are getting him ready to go anywhere, he talks about his shoes until we put them on his feet.

The other day at Pop and Grandmother’s, he collected up all the shoes into a pile!

He loves shoes. He is always trying to put everyone’s shoes on.

He thinks it is so funny to wear mommy and daddy’s shoes.

My Mawmaw had an enormous shoe collection and I love shoes too. I guess Will is following in our footsteps!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Going to the Gym

Every Tuesday night, we open the gym at our church. We have played kickball, basketball, and volleyball. I don’t always get to play because I have to watch Will, but Will loves going and playing.

We get to hang out with our church family and sometimes we even get a little exercise in.

I am glad that we have a weekly activity that we can do as a family!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yellow Watermelon

A couple of weeks ago, Robbin told me about something called "Yellow Watermelon".  At first I didn't believe her because I had never heard of a yellow watermelon or seen one. Clay has had one before so he made fun of me because I had never even heard of it.

Robbin found one at a road side produce stand and got it for me as a surprise.

We cut it open, and it was the strangest thing I had seen in a while but it tasted great!!

Will even ate 3 small pieces. 

Yellow Watermelon: a first for me and Will!

Monday, August 16, 2010

August Birthday Celebrations

Both my Pawpaw and Mom celebrate birthdays in August.

My Pawpaw’s Birthday is on the 4th, so we celebrated as a family on the 7th. Most of our family was able to come to my mom and dad’s house to celebrate!

We had bar-b-que and Edgar’s chocolate cake. Yum!

It was a good time hanging out with our family and celebrating my Pawpaw!

My mom’s birthday is today! Happy birthday MOM!!

Sunday after church my Pawpaw, Shirley, and Brad came over to eat and have cake. Dad made a roast and it was so good. After dinner we had an Edgar’s Carmel cake. Again, YUM!

Tonight we are going to P.F. Chang’s to celebrate again.

I am so blessed to have a wonderful Mom and Pawpaw. I hope their birthdays were fabulous!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Will the Musical Performer

Friday night, we went with Ashley, Kristen, and John to Guadalajara for dinner.  After we ate,  Ashley wanted us to come up to the church so we could help her hang a tv in the youth room.

While we were there, Will got into some of the music equipment.  He carried this microphone around forever and kept trying to sing and talk into it.  I don't know where he picked this up from because to my knowledge, he doesn't know what a microphone is.

He kept Kristen busy! He wanted her to take him all around and play the instruments. Of course, she loves Will so much she does whatever he wants.  They played the bongos, the drums, and the keyboard. 

Will also had fun playing with styrofoam that came out of the tv box. He kept trying to sit on it like a chair.

He is keeping us on our toes these days, but we love watching him learn new things!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baseball Training

Here is a little glimpse into Will's future:

Both Clay and John grew up playing baseball at the local park.  I can remember spending YEARS at the park watching John play ball.  Clay played from an early age until college.  When I was pregnant and we found out the baby was a boy, there has been constant chatter around my house about baseball!  Clay and John have been planning every detail and can't wait until Will  hits that age when we can sign him up to play.

I knew from the moment I met Clay, that if we ever had a boy, I would eventually be a ball park mom.  I love the idea of Will being on a team and supporting him.  I think it is a fun thing for him to do.

Clay and John think it's great because they get to be coaches and mold Will into some pro athlete.  We differ on the views of small children and sports.

Last night, we went up to the park to meet some friends and play kickball. We were on the smallest baseball field and at that moment I got my first glimpse of Will's future. Clay and John had Will running the bases.

(This was his getting ready to run pose!)

It cracked me up.  Will did really well and loved running around. He also loved standing on the bases.

I think Clay and John really enjoyed it too!  They probably won't admit it, but I think they got a kick out of seeing Will on that little field running those bases!

It will still be a couple of years before Will can head out to his first real baseball practice, but I am confident we will be spending more time at the park getting him ready!

And of course he tried to go the wrong way a couple of times!