Monday, December 10, 2012

Will Visits Santa

We took Will to see Santa for the very first time ever.  We decided to go to Bass Pro Shop because it was free and if he had a meltdown, we wouldn't be out any money.

When we got there, Will was so excited.  He made Clay and I hold his hand and he walked right up to Santa.  Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said "a bicycle and some other toys."  Santa tried to get Will to sit in his lap, but Will didn't want to.  Will also didn't want Clay and I to leave him so he could have his picture made.  This resulted in Will's very first picture with Santa being a family picture!

After we saw Santa, we rode the carousel, look at the 4-wheelers, and took his picture in front of a huge tree.

I think it was very successful trip considering he wouldn't even look at Santa last year.

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