Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beach Trip 2010 - Part 1 - Gulf Shores, AL

We started our vacation on Friday, May 7th, and headed down to Gulf Shores.  We spent the first half of our week there with my parents and John.  We stayed in a wonderful condo and had a great time!

Will wasn't to thrilled about the ocean or the sand while we were at Gulf Shores.  He spent most of the time on the beach in the sun tent we had.  He would play with his sand toys in there but he mostly just ate goldfish.

He would try to feed the birds his snack.  He loved the birds!  He would point and smile.  It was really cute.

The first day we were there he would scream anytime we set him in the sand.  We took him to the edge of the water and he got knocked down, so he was done with the ocean!

He did enjoy the pool.  He liked Clay carrying him in the water.  I think he like running around the pool more, but that made me a total mess. He would walk/run right next to the edge or run up to the edge and stop quickly. I had a few panic attacks when he did that.

He also really enjoyed the condo. At home we usually keep him confined to whatever room we are in, but at the condo he had free rein of the entire place. He ran all over that condo.  He also loved the balcony. He spent many hours out there.  He did throw a soft baseball over the edge and we think some food, so we had to keep a close eye on him.

Will wasn't thrilled about eating out.  He was always really tired by the end of the day (and he was teething!) so when we ate out, we had to make it quick. We had some great meals!

It was a great trip and it was fun getting to spend time with my parents and John. Will was the center of attention, so he thought that was fantastic!

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