Thursday, May 27, 2010

Doctor's Visits

Last Thursday, Will's daycare called and said I needed to come get him because he had pink eye.  We headed to the doctor's office to get him checked out.  The doctor said he didn't have pink eye and that it was probably allergies that were making him so snotty.  So we got a doctor's excuse and we were on our way.

Sunday night, Will was running a little bit of a fever but he didn't seem to bothered by it so we gave him some Tylenol and put him to bed.  That night he was up a couple of times crying.  Monday morning when I went to get him, his fever was little higher so I called and got him another doctor's appointment.  All morning he acted kind of cranky and clingy.  When we got to the doctor's office, you would have thought I took him to Disney World. He was laughing, talking, and playing.  He threw the biggest fit because I wouldn't let him go in the bathroom or play with the water fountain.  We finally got called back and Will had the best time playing and laughing. I asked him if he could at least act sick so that I didn't look like the crazy mom who takes her kid to the doctor every time he coughs. 

We saw Dr. R and Will was diagnosed with a double ear infection.  I figured that was what it was.  So we got an antibiotic and we were on our way.  I stayed home Monday and Tuesday with Will so that he could hopefully get better before I sent him back to germ land, AKA daycare. He seems fine now, so we are going to finish out the antibiotic and pray that he stays well.

It seems every time we have to see Dr. R for a "sick" visit, we always end up going at least 2 times in a week.  I am so grateful that Will has only been really sick a handful of times.  And this is only his 2nd ear infection, so we really are lucky.  We will be heading back to the doctor's office on June 7th for his 15-month well visit. 

Here are some pictures of Will playing with Dr. R's stool.  He thought it was fun to roll it all over the room. It is a requirement that we touch every germy thing in office while we are there!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are spending 4 days at the lake! Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

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