Monday, November 21, 2011

Painting with Pop

My child is in love with his Pop!  Three different times this week Will has cried when we left my parents house because he wants to stay with Pop.  Saturday was no different.  Saturday morning, we got up and picked up Mawmaw to go to the grocery store.  Once we got back, I was going to take Will home to eat lunch and take a nap.  He was not having it.  He cried and screamed because he wanted to stay with Pop.  Not only did he want to stay with Pop, but he knew Pop was going to the paint store and Will "needed" to go too.  He kept telling me (through screaming and crying) "I go to the paint store with Pop. You not follow the rules, Mommy. I go to the paint store!" 

Needless to say, Pop saved Will from a total meltdown and let him go with him.  When that got back from the paint store, Pop told Will he had to eat a good lunch and take a good nap so he could help paint the cabinet doors.  (Dad built new cabinet doors and they are almost finished!!)  Will ate his WHOLE lunch and took the best nap.  He does whatever Pop says!!

Mawmaw picked Will up so I could go get a pedicure with Kristen! Praise the Lord!  When I got to their house for dinner, this is what I found:

At first I was telling Will how good he did and then I realized that looked like one of my cabinet doors.  I asked Dad if that was one of my new doors and he said Yes.  So then I thought, "of that must be the back of one".  That would be a sweet memory to have in our house.  Then Dad told me it was the front.  That is when I started to panic a little.  He let me go on thinking it was a new door for about 15 minutes.  He finally told me that it was one of the mock up doors he made.  I felt so relieved.  Will had so much fun!!!  Painting with Pop is all he has talked about since Saturday!

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