Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Recently we had some issues with our septic tank...BOO!!! That's not hilarious, but two instances during our "issues" Will was super funny.

We weren't sure what was going on with the plumbing, so Clay went under the house to see if there was any evidence of an issue.  Will was confused about where Clay went and he wanted to "talk to daddy".  Without prompting he picked up the hose pipe and screamed "daddy" into it and then held it up to hear Clay's response. I about peed my pants! HILARIOUS!

Then because of plumbing issues we couldn't use our front bathroom one night, so Will got to bathe in the kitchen sink.  He is a little big now, but it did the trick.  He told me to take his picture because daddy will think this is silly.  He was right. It was pretty silly!!

Love these funny moments!

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