Tuesday, January 17, 2012

John is 26!!

John turned 26 on Saturday and we celebrated at my parent's house!

Will was so excited to go to "John's Birthday" and give him his gift.  On the way over to my parent's house, Will kept saying "John gonna love this present" and "this is John's favorite present".  So funny.

As soon as we walked in the door, Will wanted John to open his gift!

Will got John some birthday hats, bead necklaces, 3 dinosaurs, a paddle ball game, and a card.  Thankfully, John loved his gift. (Side note: I really love that our family and friends are so gracious when accepting Will's gifts. We know that the gifts aren't necessarily what they would want, but Will gets so excited to pick the gifts out and he really takes his time picking things he thinks the recipients will like.)

Then John did this with the birthday hats:

Then Will did this:

Such funny boys!

Mom made a delicious dinner.  We had lasagna roll-ups, chicken alfredo, salad and bread.  We finished it all off with brownies, ice cream, and cupcakes!

After dinner, we played Mad Gabs and Quelf.  Then that all stopped because Miss America was on!!!  We all sat around and watched the pageant. I am sure that is exactly what John wanted to do for his birthday! HAHA!

And here is a picture Will took:

I am thankful for John and the role he plays in our life.  I hope you had a great birthday, brother!!

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