Saturday, February 11, 2012

Will's Commercial Shoot

Will is going to be in a commercial!!!

It seems crazy and nothing we ever thought he would get to do.  Our sweet friend, Shelley, is the marketing coordinator for a bank here in Birmingham, and she asked if Will would like to be in a commercial for the bank.

We were a little scared because getting a 2-year-old to do anything on command is difficult.  Thankfully, Will did really well.  He didn't have to speak so that took some of the pressure off.  The basic idea behind the commercial was that he was a little boy in the 60s.  Ashley and Keith were the couple that played his parents and they were so kind.  We definitely had a great experience. 

Loved the car!

We promised Will that if he did well, that he could go to Build-a-Bear.  Before we headed over there, we stopped by to see Pawpaw and Bom-Bom.  This picture cracks me up because Pawpaw and Will look so similar.

They definitely both have a love for building things.

Then we headed to Build-a-Bear.  Will was really excited.

He picked a Camo bear, but he said it was his green bear.  He named it Aubie Bear and picked out a Cars t-shirt for him to wear.

It was a great day and a great experience!!  We are so thankful to Shelley and the commercial crew for taking care of our sweet boy.  Can't wait to see how the commercial turns out!

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