Friday, May 18, 2012

Athletics End of Year Party

We had Will's baseball team's End of Year Party tonight. Since Clay is the coach, this fell on us to plan. I had no clue what to do because I have never had to do this before.  We finally decided to have a pizza party.  The kids on our team are 3- and 4-years-old, so I thought this would be simple and easy to contain the kids.

I ordered a bunch of Athletics stuff for decorations and it turned out pretty cute.

Centerpieces on the adult tables.

Crazy straws for the kids.

Centerpieces for the kids table. These turned out so cute. I taped two Cracker Jack boxes together to hold the balloons.

Trophy and cake table.

All the kids eating.

After the kids finished their pizza, we handed out trophies.  Kids get really excited about trophies. I was really happy with the trophies we picked.  They were super cute!

Will and his "baseball friends".

The team (minus one).

After we handed out trophies, we cut the cake and the kids ran around and played.  It was such a fun night and I think everyone had a good time!

I wanted a picture of Will with his trophy when we got home. I took several and this is the only one where he is looking at the camera, but he looks scared for some reason. haha!

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