Friday, May 11, 2012

A Black Eye and other pictures from my phone

Will got a black eye Tuesday at school.  Another little boy threw a wooden block at him and hit him right in the face.  I felt so bad for him but it didn't seem to phase him to much.

This was from the day it happened. The daycare thought he might need a stitch or stitches beacuse it was cut really deep. Thankfully once we saw it, we opted against that. I think stitches would have been more traumatic than just letting it heal on it own.

This was 3 days later.  He had a pretty rough looking black eye for about a week.

This was at Jackson's birthday party. Leslie had crafts for the kids to do and Will thought this was funny.

Eating cake-One of his favorite things to do.

His baseball photo.  So cute.

One night we had nursery at church. Bailey was the only baby, so the kids kept looking at her in the crib like she was an animal at the zoo! 

You can barely see Will, Nicholas and Broc in this picture. One night after practice, the parents were talking and the kids decided to run throught puddles. They were soaked, but they had the BEST time!

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