Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Randoms

Here are some more pictures from June. These are mostly from my phone.  I added some commentary to each picture.

Will is obsessed with these prize games.  He and Ashley played until they won!

Miss Alabama Pageant.  Love going every year and a redhead won!

Hydrangeas from my parent's house. Beautiful!

Will and I went to mother/son date knight at Chick-fil-A. Will loved dressing up as a knight!

That same night, we went over to Beth's house for a Thirty-One party and Beth saved a green Popsicle just for Will!


Will sleeping in his new green room with his new green bedding. There is a lot of green in his room and he loves it!

One Saturday, Will played in the water hose at mom and dad's house. I didn't bring him any extra clothes but I found this towel-dress thing in the linen closet. This was mine that my Granny made me.  It brought back so many memories of summers at her house.  LOVE!

Will had a dentist appointment in June and he got a bouncy ball as a prize. He had to play with it on the sidewalk as soon as we left the dental office. He did a great job this time at his appointment. No tears and he let Dr. V brush his teeth with no fighting back.  He is growing up!

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