Monday, June 4, 2012

Will the Ring Bearer, Part 2

Saturday was wedding day!

We started off the day by going to the beach. IT WAS SO CROWDED, but we had fun anyway.  Will loved the ocean and went pretty far out with me and Clay.

Once we were done with the beach, we headed back to the pool to swim for a while.  Soon it was time to start getting ready for the wedding.

The weather was perfect for the wedding.  It was sunny and there was a great breeze, so it wasn't too hot.  Clay stayed with Will and got him down the aisle and I sat on the second row to get him if he started acting up.

Mary Beth looked stunning and her dress was such a great beach wedding dress!!

Will literally ran down the aisle straight to Ashley. So thankful he didn't make too much of a scene. He immediately handed the pillow off to Craig.  Then he came to sit down with me, which worked out great.

When it was time for him to exit, I pushed him out into the aisle with the flower girls and he walked to the back where Clay was standing.  He was a pretty good little ring bearer!

The reception was held at a country club near by.  The food and cake was delicious!!

Will spent the whole night dancing. He even made Kristen dance with him.

We are so happy for Craig and Marybeth!!

After the wedding, we went and played putt-putt. It was so late but we promised Will and he had the best time.

Sunday we loaded back up and headed home! It was a fun weekend celebrating with our friends!

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