Saturday, August 4, 2012

Pawpaw's 80th Birthday

Today is my Pawpaw's 80th Birthday!  Everyone keeps asking if he is really 80 because he doesn't look 80, and he certainly doesn't act 80!

My mom and I planned a birthday party for early this afternoon for all of Pawpaw's family and friends and then we had a Bar-B-Que dinner with our immediate family.

Of course, when you turn 80, you get TWO birthday cakes!

For his party this afternoon, we had cake and finger foods.

My Pawpaw, his wife-Shirley, our pastor-Brad, my two aunts-Ann and JoLynn, and my mom singing "Happy Birthday!"

The Birthday Boy!

It was a great day celebrating. My Pawpaw is the only grandparent I have and I am so lucky to have him with us.  He is such a blessing to our family!


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