Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Clay and I, along with John and Jayme, spent the weekend in Atlanta.  Our main purpose was to go to the first Auburn game. 

John was very gracious and got us a room at the Omni for the weekend.  We left on Friday morning and headed for our weekend away.

Friday night, we got dressed up and went to dinner at Morton's.  We had eaten at the Morton's in Dallas and knew we wanted to visit the one in Atlanta while we were there.

I had their Chicken Christopher and it was delicious!!!  We stuff ourselves and had a great time!

Saturday was game day. 

It was strange having the first game at a neutral location for both teams.  It didn't feel like a real game and the outcome was not what we wanted. 

On Sunday, we planned to shop, shop, shop and our first stop was Ikea! Wow!!!  It was overwhelming, but we got a few things and picked out a bed for Will. 

We stayed an extra night on Sunday since Monday was a holiday. It was so relaxing!

Monday we headed home and I couldn't wait to see Will! He was excited to see us too.

Thanks to John for planning the trip!

Thanks to my parents for keeping Will, so we could go!

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