Friday, September 21, 2012

Visiting Ellie

Ellie has been in the NICU since the 12th.  It has been a long road, but she gets to go home today.

I am so proud of Kristen and Jordan.  I hope Ellie knows how much they love her.  There have been some not so great days and some scary news over the last week and a half, but Ellie is perfectly healthy!!

Since Ellie was in the NICU, Will hasn't gotten to meet her. He has been really confused by the whole situation. The NICU nurse gave me this heart sticker to give to him, so he would have a sticker just like Ellie's.  He really loved that.

So glad that this part of Ellie's journey is over. I can't wait to see Ellie when she is AT HOME with her mommy and daddy.

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