Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Will got to wear his costume to school today.  The school sent me this picture, but he doesn't look very happy.

We carved our pumpkin after school. Will wanted to watch me, but he didn't want to help. I think it turned out cute.

Due to a potty accident at school, Will's Jake costume was not available to wear to trick-or-treat.  Luckily I had bought Will an Iron Man costume just for play, but he decided to wear it Halloween night.

Mom, Dad and John came over for dinner, and Mom and John passed out candy while me, Clay and Dad took Will around the neighborhood.  

The following is a conversation that Will had with one of our neighbors:

Neighbor:  Wow! You are Iron Man.
Will: (Pointing at his costume) This is just a costume, I am still Will.
Neighbor: (Looking confused) Oh, uh, okay.

This kid continues to crack me up.


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