Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Prep

Am I really planning a 1st birhtday for my 6 pound, 3 ounce tiny baby boy? In 43 days will he really be ONE? This can not be happening. He is still a baby. But it is happening and it will be here SOON!

So far...
-I have picked a day and time for the party
-I have picked a theme (that Clay hates, but I am not changing my mind)
-I have secured the location
-I have gotten the guest list together (The number of people is insane, but everyone on the list cares and loves Will so much so I can't make any more cuts!)
-I have found the invitations (which I plan to order Friday)
-I have made a list of food we are going to serve
-I went to Edgar's and got cake prices
-I have picked out all the decorations

So I am on my way. Thus far, it has been a pretty stressful experience. I know Will won't remember it, but its his first birthday and it needs to be PERFECT. I can't wait to enjoy the day with all of our family and friends. I will update more as I make more progress.

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