Friday, January 29, 2010


Recently, Will wore this shirt that Ashley got him from Guatemala.

I love this shirt! Not only does my boy look cute as a button in it, it also serves as a reminder to pray for the people in Guatemala. Our church and two other churches have teamed up to help the people in Guatemala. They have already been on some very successful mission trips. Currently, the churches are preparing for 3 different trips this year to provide medical care and build a church for the people in Guatemala, all while sharing about Jesus! Please be in prayer for the people who are readying themselves to travel this year.

Though I haven't traveled to Guatemala and don't plan to, I know that I can pray for the people there and for my friends who will be traveling. I hope that as Will gets older, I can share with him about this shirt and that he will understand that people from our church were willing to travel around the world to share about Jesus!


  1. Hopefully Jason will be going on one of those trips this year! Not that I'm excited about him going to another country, lol, but I'm glad that he will have the opportunity to be a part of something like that.
    But I'm with you, I have NO plans to go.

  2. Hey, I just love that shirt!!! Too cute and such a wonderful reminder of the people of Guatemala. I was on that trip when Ashley got that is just too cute on little Will. You are right, we can certainly pray for those that will be traveling to Guatemala in the coming year.