Friday, January 8, 2010

Propel Water

Will refuses to drink any kind of juice or water. We have tried everything, but he is content just drinking formula.  Of course, he loves to taste whatever we are drinking.  He has tasted Coke, Dr. Pepper, and sweet tea.  He always makes a terrible face and usually doesn't want a second taste until now.  The other night I was drinking Kiwi-Strawberry Propel Water and Will grabbed the bottle.  After he tasted it, he would not give me the bottle back and everytime I took it away from him he screamed like I have never seen him scream before. It was crazy. I poured at all but a VERY small amount and let him have it.  HE LOVED IT and drank it all. After it was gone he kept licking the top.  It cracked me up.  Later he decided Winnie needed some water too.  He is such a funny boy!

Drinking it up!

Sharing with Winnie.

He carried the empty bottle around for the rest of the night.

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