Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Prep: Update


-After much discussion, I did end up changing the "theme" for Will's birthday. I think Clay is a little more open to this theme. It is not so much a theme than more of a color scheme.

-I found invitations that are perfect and I am ordering them today.

-The guest list is still out of control!

-I have enlisted my dad and mom to help me with the centerpieces. It involves power tools (DAD) and paint (MOM)...two things I know very little about. Thanks parents!

-Clay watches to many reality cake-making shows and has decided he wants to make Will's cake. He is going to do a trial run. Regardless, there will be cake. I love my husband but I betting Edgar's cake will be served at the party.

-I booked Erin to take Will's one-year-old pictures! I am excited about that!

Things are moving along. Regardless of what happens with the planning, we will have a great time celebrating Will's first year on life!


  1. I'm dying laughing over here that Clay is making the cake. I'm blown away that any dad would want to do it and because it sounds just like something my husband would do. Does he watch Cake Boss? My husband loves that show. I'm getting visions of Hudson's upcoming party planning. This is hilarious!! PLEASE for the LOVE keep us updated on this if nothing else and I want pictures of him in the kitchen wearing his apron!! hahahaha!!!!!

  2. I could not help but laugh about Clay making the cake. That is awesome. You must post pictures when he is finished!! Will your kitchen ever be the same after that?