Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Great Weekend

We have had another great and eventful weekend!

Friday night after work we headed over to Robbie and Robbin's house to cook-out and swim.  Robbie and Robbin are such great friends and a wonderful hosts. The guys cooked for us and Will played with their dog, Zoe.  We had fun sitting around an chatting and then Clay took Will for a swim.  Will is getting more comfortable with the water and just walked right to the steps and into the water.  We had a couple of moments where we thought he was going to just jump in.  He is getting brave!  John and Ashley came too and Hunter ate dinner with us.

One of Will's favorite things to do at Robbie and Robbin's is eat Popsicles. Robbin always has the freezer stocked.  Hunter went to get a Popsicle and brought Will one back. He was going to let Will pick which one he wanted and Will grabbed both of them! haha! 

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Roanoke to visit the newest member of Clay's family. Clay's cousin had a little boy, Braydin Myles, last week and we just couldn't wait to meet him!  He is precious and Krista and Brett are such good parents.  We hung out at Aunt Shawn and Uncle Greg's house and I got to snuggle with Braydin for a bit.  He has a head full of hair and is such a good baby.

Look at that hair!! LOVE!

Baby sweet!

We had a small incident with Will. He was playing in the foyer and fell.  On his way down, he hit his face on an angel statue and did some damage to his face. I slightly freaked out but I was glad Clay's cousin, Misty, was there because she is a nurse. Aunt Shawn was so upset he got hurt but it is just one of those things. He is all boy and is on go all the time.  It may be the first time this has happened but I know it won't be the last. I am just glad he is okay and that it doesn't look to terrible. I thought he was going to have a black eye but thankfully he doesn't!

Will's eye after the fall!

Will had fun playing with his little cousin, Hallee, and we all had fun spending the day with family! Will was exhausted by the time we got in the car to head home.

Saturday night, we all headed over to Kristen and Jordan's house.  The boys were going to play poker and Kristen and I headed to the Miss Leeds Area pageant. I was so happy Kristen was willing to go with me because I didn't want to go alone. We had a fun time and so did Will and Clay.  Will is in love with their dog, Izzy. They were so cute together and Will even gave Izzy a kiss! 

This morning we got up and headed to church. Clay and I taught our Sunday School class and then we had nursery duty.  We had the 4-5 year old group and they were hilarious!  After church, we went to eat with a big group from church!  I think there were about 18 of us and we ate at the new Mexican restaurant.  It was a fun lunch. Will started getting antsy so I took him outside to walk around. It was so hot. 

We are home now and the boys are napping.  We will head back to church tonight and then we will be ready to face the week!

I need to do better about taking pictures. I didn't get many pictures this weekend and that makes me sad. I will try to do better this week!

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