Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baseball Training

Here is a little glimpse into Will's future:

Both Clay and John grew up playing baseball at the local park.  I can remember spending YEARS at the park watching John play ball.  Clay played from an early age until college.  When I was pregnant and we found out the baby was a boy, there has been constant chatter around my house about baseball!  Clay and John have been planning every detail and can't wait until Will  hits that age when we can sign him up to play.

I knew from the moment I met Clay, that if we ever had a boy, I would eventually be a ball park mom.  I love the idea of Will being on a team and supporting him.  I think it is a fun thing for him to do.

Clay and John think it's great because they get to be coaches and mold Will into some pro athlete.  We differ on the views of small children and sports.

Last night, we went up to the park to meet some friends and play kickball. We were on the smallest baseball field and at that moment I got my first glimpse of Will's future. Clay and John had Will running the bases.

(This was his getting ready to run pose!)

It cracked me up.  Will did really well and loved running around. He also loved standing on the bases.

I think Clay and John really enjoyed it too!  They probably won't admit it, but I think they got a kick out of seeing Will on that little field running those bases!

It will still be a couple of years before Will can head out to his first real baseball practice, but I am confident we will be spending more time at the park getting him ready!

And of course he tried to go the wrong way a couple of times!

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  1. If we had a boy this would be us too! Zac played baseball from the time he was old enough to run I think until they moved to Moody. We may still be there with Reagan too though. See you there!! lol