Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What a Sunday!!

Sunday morning started out pretty normal.  We got up and started getting ready for church.

It was our last Sunday teaching our Youth Sunday School Class so we were rushing so we could go grab some breakfast for our class.

Will was laying on our bed drinking his milk.  He was being a little fussy and was burning up so I took his temperature.  It was 103.6! I immediately called my dad to see if he could watch Will during church because we didn't want to miss the last Sunday with our class and I had volunteered to help a friend in the nursery during service.  Dad said to bring him over, so we were in even more of a hurry to get him to my parent's house and make it to church on time.

You can tell he didn't feel good.

Clay took Will to the car and I gathered up everything. We pulled out of the driveway and got almost to the end of our street when our day took a turn for the worst.  Will threw up all over himself, his carseat, his bag, and the back seat.  Not a fun way to start the day.

We headed back home. I called my parents and told them we wouldn't be bringing Will over and mom said she would handle our church commitments for us.

We got Will and his carseat out of the car. Clay went and cleaned him up and I started trying to clean the car up. 

I had to take his carseat completely apart and wash every single part.  I won't go into to much detail but the cover had to be washed 3 times and Febreezed twice. His carseat has never been so clean!

This is his carseat and all the pieces.

Will acted like he wasn't feeling well for the rest of the day so we let him laying around and do whatever he wanted. He didn't get sick again and his fever came down significantly.

Dad cooked us lunch and Mom brought it over to us and hung out with Will for a while.  I did a million loads of laundry and cleaned everything in our house!

Monday morning we got up and took him to the doctor to get him checked out because he was still running a low grade fever. The doctor said it was probably a virus. He said when Will spiked the fever and threw up that that was probably the peak of being sick.  I only had to give Will Tylenol one time that morning and then his fever was gone. 

It was not a fun Sunday and I felt so bad that Will was sick. I am glad that he is back to his normal self!

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