Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Day Will Met Aubie Claus

Will loves Aubie and talks about him all the time at home. So when we heard that Aubie Claus was going to be in Birmingham, we decided to take Will to see him.

When we got there Will was so excited he was going to get to see Aubie and was all smiles.

The whole time we were standing in line, all we heard from Will was "Aubie, Aubie, Aubie".  I even took Will around the corner so he could see Aubie Claus while he visited with the other families.  Will was all about it.

We only had to wait a short time until it was our turn and Will was going to get to sit in Aubie's lap. Then this happened....

In my head, this situation went a whole lot better. This little meeting between Will and Aubie Claus was even going to be our Christmas card picture this year. I guess you win some, and you lose some.

Clay and I got in a few pictures with Will and Aubie, and Will still wasn't all that thrilled with the situation.

Then, of course, Will's whole mood changed as we were leaving. Clay told him to tell Aubie "bye", so Will waved, said "bye", and then gave Aubie high-five. Some of the people watching thought this was cute so they started clapping.  This made Will start clapping for himself and laughing. It was amazing how we went from crying to screaming to sad to happy in about the time span of 5 minutes.  At least there were other children that had meltdowns and failed Christmas card attempts.  

We will try again next year.  It was definitely another memorable Will moment and we loved every minute of it, even if we do have to try and get another picture for our Christmas card.  

This next picture was from the same day, and it has nothing to do with Aubie, but it is my favorite picture from that day. Seriously, they are TWINS!!! Clay cannot deny this child!

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