Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Tonight we finally wrapped up our family thanksgiving dinners.  I didn't take many pictures, but I wanted to do a quick update.

Last Saturday, we had Thanksgiving with my mom's extended family. As always, Will was the life of the party and had a great time.  We had dinner at my mom's house and it was packed with people and food!

Thursday was our longest day.  We started out at Clay's Aunt Shawn's house and visited with Grandma for a bit.  I am always happy to get down to Roanoke for a visit because I love that side of Clay's family so much and they are so good to us!  Clay's grandmother had a stroke the week before but seemed to be recovering well and we hope that continues.  I got to hold Braydin for a really long time. He is such a sweet baby and Krista and Brett are great parents. Will even played with Braydin for a while without getting jealous. I really wish I would have gotten a picture of Braydin's hair. It is so thick and so dark...I love it!

We left Aunt Shawn's house and headed to Mawmaw Yates' house. I cannot tell you how much I love this woman, she is amazing. She cooked a great meal and Celia and Aunt Kim added some wonderful side dishes. Kody even made the famous chocolate pie...YUM! Clay won't like me sharing this, but during the yearly basketball tournament, Clay did not win one game!  Ha! Oh well, I told him there is always Christmas.  Will had a great time playing with his cousin Taylor and he even got to ride the four-wheeler!  We also got some great news that Clay's cousin Tonya and her husband, Tony, are expecting in May 2011! 

Will playing basketball.

Taylor playing in the leaves.

Will and Daddy on the 4-wheeler.

We finished our day at my parent's house.  We were all exhausted and full, but we pushed through the pain and ate again!  Mom cooks all our favorites and Dad made the best turkey. So good!

We did some shopping Friday and Saturday and got a couple of people crossed off our Christmas list so that made me feel a little less stressed!

This afternoon, we finished off the festivities at Celia's parent's house.  We had a great meal and a fun time catching up with that side of the family. Will was a little fussy and a little bossy today, so I wasn't able to enjoy myself as much as I would have like too. Life with a toddler is always interesting.
I am sad to see Thanksgiving end, but we are looking forward to Christmas and getting to spend even more time with our families!!!  WE ARE TRULY BLESSED AND I AM SO THANKFUL!!!!

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