Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mickey Mouse Brain

We have got Mickey Mouse on the brain at our house. We are gearing up for Will's 2nd birthday party and Mickey Mouse is the guest of honor!
Will's party is on March 5th.  I got the inviations in the mail last week and that started the ball rolling.  It is time for full-time birthday prep.  The next two weeks are going to be busy, busy.

This weekend Clay will be out of town on a boy's trip but I have reinforcements coming to help me with the birthday party prep.  Julie is coming to stay with me because Richard is going on the trip, and Kristen has already promised me she is coming over on Saturday.  I have a list of things that need to get done Saturday.  Most importantly the party favors for the kids and adults need to be put together.  Also, I am hoping my girls can help me think up some cute decorations.  I have mostly store bought stuff because it was just easier, but I hope we can make a couple of cute things too.

I need to get a list together of last minute birthday stuff I need to buy, so hopefully I can get that done this weekend too. I have all this stuff that came from all different places so I need to go through it and see what I have. It is all Mickey Mouse all the time and it is taking over our kitchen.

Also, Saturday afternoon we have Will's 2-year-old photos with Erin. I haven't picked a location because I am at a total loss of the look I want.  I have to go on Thursday or Friday night and get Will some new shoes before our session.  I would also like to get him some more clothing options.  We will see how that works out.
So after this weekend it will be my baby boy's birthday week and we have some fun stuff planned for him.  His birthday falls on Friday this year.  That afternoon,  I am going to take cupcakes or cookies up to his class to celebrate with his little school friends.  A room full of 2 year olds should provide some interesting entertainment.  Friday night, we are going to celebrate at home and have pizza and cake.  At first, I was just going to bypass doing something at home since his party is the next day, but I just can't skip it. His birthday is a big deal to me so it is more for me than Will.  When he is older he can decide.  Then Saturday is the big party.  I am sure we will be exhausted after it is all over, but it will be fun!
I plan on posting but if I am MIA come look for my amongst the Mickey Mouse party supplies!

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