Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ice Cream Date

I have been working from home on Wednesdays. It has been so nice, and I am so glad our work is letting us work from home one day a week.  I get so much work done, plus I get our laundry done too.  So bonus!!

When I work from home, I always pick Will up from daycare a little early. Today, we decided we needed a treat so we went to Jack's to get some ice cream.

It was so nice to take Will on a little ice cream date.  He had a lot of fun and ran all over the restaurant.  We were the only 2 people there.

I asked Will what kind of ice cream he wanted and he said blue.  They didn't have blue ice cream so he picked orange sherbet and then I got chocolate.  We went to sit down and Will decided he didn't want the orange ice cream. He then proceeded to eat ALL of my chocolate ice cream!  He kept telling me "mommy like orange ice cream" like he was trying to convince me that I picked orange ice cream.

I was a great date with my little man!

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