Thursday, June 23, 2011

Terrible Two's


We are in the midst of the terrible two's.  I hate the word "terrible" because Will is not terrible, we are all just struggling a bit.

Will is such a great little boy. He is so loving and funny. He is smart and crazy.  I love everything about his little personality.

But let's be honest, he is not perfect, I am not perfect, and Clay is not perfect.  So things have been rough around our house.

That little boy that is so cute and sweet can sometimes be ugly and mean.  I know that it comes with his age, but wow! 

We have spent numerous nights in time-out and hours trying to talk out his frustrations. 
Sometimes we hear the word "NO" so many times it makes me and Clay crazy.  And if we are being honest, sometimes Will pushes both Clay and I to our breaking point.  But I have found out one of the greatest things about being married during these hard days.  On the days that I get frustrated and just can't handle things, Clay has a day where he lets everything roll off his back and he is able to stay calm.  And on the days Clay feels like he is going to lose his mind, I have a day where I feel like I can conquer any problem.  And the luckiest person in all of this is Will, because he always has one of us to step in and handle things without anyone getting upset.  Will is our top priority and even on his "problem" days we couldn't ask for a better child to call our own.

And who can deny this face:

So, here's to the terrible two's! 

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