Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

This year Easter was a little different for us.  Normally, we stay in Wedowee the night before Easter so that we can be there for sunrise service, but due to a packed schedule it just wasn't happening this year.   I was sad but we did get to enjoy being a home on Easter morning when Will woke up and got his Easter basket.  I can't say that I missed being up before the sun.

Will loved his Easter basket this year, but he couldn't quite understand the whole Easter Bunny thing. Which is fine with me, since we don't really make a big deal out of the Easter Bunny. 

After he played with a few of his toys, we got ready and headed to Wedowee to go to church with Mawmaw. I love spending Easter at her church.  It is a little stressful because Will stays in the service with us. I am always afraid he is going to talk loudly or do something crazy. 

Of course, I thought my little family looked adorable all dressed up!

Mawmaw made a wonderful lunch and we ate until we couldn't move.

After lunch, we headed to Greg, Shawn, and that side of Clay's family. They have a huge Easter egg hunt every year that is always fun. Unfortunately, Will didn't get to take a nap and we didn't get to stay to hunt eggs because a meltdown was on the horizon.

We came back home and went to my parent's house for dinner. Will took a nice long nap in the car! Since Will didn't get to hunt Easter eggs, me and mom hide some eggs for him to find.

He had the best time hunting and every time he would find an egg, he would open it right then. He found a couple of dollars and some candy!

It was such a great day to celebrate with family.  I am so glad that Jesus died for all of our sins and then rose again! 

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