Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day at the Lake

I spent my first Mother's Day at the lake with my new baby boy, husband, and family. It was a fun little trip for us. It was also Will's first time to the Lake House. I am a bad mom and forgot to take any pictures. All in all it was a great trip. I got to sleep alot so that made it an even better trip. The first week back at work was a killer.
For Mother's Day, Will (with Clay's help, Thanks babe!) got me a new Vera Bradley bag to carry this summer and a stylish ring. The ring design is very pretty and it even says "mom" on the side, but not in a cheesy way. I absolutely love it! Mom and Dad gave me a Bath and Body Works gift set. John got me the gift of laughter. Will and I spent part of the afternoon getting to watch John try and front or back flip into the water. Let's just say he needs some more practice, but it was quite hilarious!! Maybe I'll video it next time for everyone's viewing pleasure.
And since it is Mother's Day, I want to thank my mom for helping me so much these last few months. She is such a good grandmother and loves Will so much. I couldn't have made it without her. She has supported me through all the trials of being pregnant, a scary delivery, and a rough two months as a new mom. She has been there through all the crazy emotions and supported me when I thought I would lose my mind. She has willing and whole heartedly stepped into her new role as a grandmother. When I see her with Will, I know there is unconditionally love between them. I couldn't ask for a better Mom.

Mom, I love you!!!


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