Monday, May 4, 2009

Two Months Old

My little boy is two months old today. I cannot believe it. I really didn't think I would make it past the first month, but here we are. He is the best little boy and I cannot remember what my life was like without him.

Here are a few things he is doing now:
-During tummy time, he will hold his head up and look at you
-He is trying so hard to suck on his hand/thumb
-He will lay in the floor and play
-He reaches out
-He can roll from his stomach to his back
-He recognizes Clay's voice
-He loves to sleep on Clay's chest
-He likes being outside when there is a warm breeze
-He is still wearing Newborn clothes, but it about to outgrow them

We take him to the doctor on Thursday for his two month check up. He has to get 4 shots, so I hope he does well. Last time at the doctor, he had to have his foot pricked and he slept through it.

Now for pictures:
Playdate with Gavin & MA
2 months old

Sweet boy


  1. He is two months old today! I forgot about that today and I forgot to wish him a happy two months!
    At Gavin's 2 month check-up he was over 11 pounds and that amazes me because that's like 2 of Will almost! lol!
    I remember those early tummy times. So sweet! Then they learn to roll and it's all over...

  2. Oh, and about the shots..."If I may offer some friendly advice" :)

    Take the Tylenol with you. Ask the Dr. how much he can have (they gave us a chart).

    Here's what I've done the last three sets of shots Gavin has had:

    Have the dropper of Tylenol ready. As soon as he was finished with the fourth shot, I would give him the Tylenol (having something yummy to taste took his mind off the immediate trauma). I would follow it with his paci and blankie and it seemed to soothe him. He never cried past getting the Tylenol.

    My heart goes out to you...shots are traumatic for Mommy too!

  3. Amanda- Your little Will is absolutely PRECIOUS!! What an angel. Congratulations. I know you are loving your new role in life. Enjoy those little hands and feet... they grow so fast! I am excited to be reading your blog!