Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A List

Here is an update.  It is in list form because I am too tired to make a coherent thought:

Friday the 18th
  • Clay and John left for the Auburn/West Virginia Game
  • Will and I stayed over at my parent's house for the night because it was storming
  • Will slept through most of the night :)
Saturday the 19th
  • Will and Gavin got to spend the day together and had Laura Beth as their babysitter
  • Tabitha, Mom, and I went to Jenny's wedding. Tabitha was a bridesmaid and the dresses were so cute.  Jenny was beautiful as always and the wedding went off without a hitch.  Got to see some girls from high school and we were able to catch up. Good times!
  • Ate with Mom and Dad that night
  • Hung out with my baby and watched the Auburn game.
  • Auburn WON!!!
Sunday the 20th
  • Taught Sunday School. Love our class!
  • Took a nap
  • Caught up on Laundry!!!!
  • Had dinner with John
Monday the 21st
  • Back to work and daycare
  • Will moved up a class at daycare
  • Rested
Tuesday the 22nd
  • Work
  • Will had baby food at daycare for the first time and didn't have to change clothes. We may invite his teacher home to feed him every night. She obviously has a special talent that Clay and I lack.
  • Celebrated Dan's birthday at Outback with Clay, Will, Celia, Kate and Gray.
  • Work
  • Dinner at church
  • I am in a small skit for the children's ministry (hopefully I will do well, we shall see)
Hope everyone is having a more exciting week than I am.  I will post about how the skit went and some pictures of my sweet boy tonight or in the morning.

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