Friday, September 4, 2009


Auburn football offically starts tomorrow! I have mixed emotions about the season starting.

On one hand, I am excited it is finally here. Clay and I love Auburn football, tailgating, traveling to away games, and enjoying our Auburn family and friends. I am also excited that this is Will's first football season. I get a little teary-eyed thinking about last season's first game. At the tailgate before the game, is when we announced to our family that we would be expecting a future tiger and now that little boy is 6 months old, and ready for his first game!

But, I am a little sad too. I am going to miss tomorrow's game and the whole experience of the first tailgate of the season. I don't really know in total how many games I will end up missing, but it is all worth it for Will.

Tomorrow, he and I will sit on the couch in our Auburn gear and cheer for the Tigers. We will miss our family and friends who will be at the game, but that's okay because we will get to join them later in the season. I can't wait for Will to experience it all, but it has to cool off first!

Here is my boy ready for the big game:


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