Friday, March 26, 2010

I can see your face!

I always tell Will that “I can see your face!” or “Let me see your face?” He always comes to me and smiles so big.

Last week, we turned his carseat to forward facing so now when I am driving, I can see his little face. He loves being forward facing. He looks out the window and points to things, and he is a lot more vocal in the car now. It is so fun!

(PS...I know that turning your child to forward-facing in the car seat is a debatable issue. I researched it and discussed it with our pediatrician. We felt that it was okay to go ahead and turn him around now. He meets all the current requirements to be forward-facing.)


  1. This has nothing to do with this post but I just noticed the ticker at the top of the blog. It says "Will is 1 year old Congratulations!" My first thought was "What is that saying? Like "Congrats you survived one whole year!" or "Yeah we are so glad Will made it to 1!" Lol! Sorry I just had to share. I know it's just being polite but I got a good laugh out of it this morning!

  2. How nauseating it had to have been to ride backwards anyway at his age. It's perfectly fine, plus he's in the backseat.