Friday, March 19, 2010

Richard and Julie's Wedding!

Last Saturday, Richard and Julie got MARRIED! 

The wedding and reception were held at Southern House & Garden. The house and property were absolutely beautiful and it was the perfect site for the type of wedding Julie had planned.  It was simple and elegant!

Clay was a groomsman and I was a bridesmaid. It was nice not to have to worry about what to wear, plus Julie bought Will the cutest little outfit, so we didn't have to worry about his clothes either.

The wedding colors were green and purple, and Julie had the entire wedding decked out!  The bridesmaids wore green dresses and carried flowers in varying shades of purple.  The groomsmen wore black suits with deep purple ties.  There was tons of candy, all in shades of green and purple.  And they even had cups with their names and wedding date in green and purple. 

Richard had a traditional chocolate groom's cake with strawberries.  Julie opted for something unique and had cupcakes.  There were different kinds, and everyone said they were delicious.  I only had chocolate cake because it is my favorite. It was yummy too!

Everything looked great, and Julie did a wonderful job planning everything! I think the day was a total success!

Julie-You were already a part of our lives in such a big way, now you are an offical family member!  Welcome to our family. We love you and can't wait to make many more memories with you!

Richard-You did a great job picking such a wonderful girl to marry! We love you!

I am going to include the pictures I had on my camera. I still need to get the pictures my mom took.

Julie made signs to mark the turns on the way to the cute!

This was at the front door.

My cousin Richard - THE GROOM!

Richard and Julie with the preacher.  This is the best picture I had of  Julie on my camera.  I loved her dress.  I hope mom has one with her shoes, because they were so so cute!

The flowers. The bride's is the all white daisies.

Grandmother helping Will get ready.

The bride and groom with their parents.

Will and Clay hanging out during picture time.

This is Julie's brother, Garrett, and her nephew, Noah, during picture time.  I just thought this was a really sweet picture of them.

Some of the groomsmen talking with Richard before the wedding started.

Will and Noah chatting about their matching outfits. LOVE!

The get-away car!

Richard and Julie headed to Disney World for their honeymoon.  I hope they are having a great time and getting some rest now that the wedding is behind them!

I have put to rest of pictures on my Picasa site, as well as, some pictures I had from the Rehersal dinner. You can go HERE to see them.


  1. What really good pictures! But, I did not see one of you with your family.

  2. Hey, Amanda.....I have bestowed a fun little blog award on you....check it out on my blog :)

  3. We love the picture you took of Garrett and Noah--too cute. And we love the picture of the two boys "talking" to each other!!!
    Garrett and Jamie Morrison