Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

We spend Easter in Wedowee at Mawmaw's house.  We went down Saturday night and spent the night, so we could be up early Sunday morning for sunrise service.  Mawmaw goes to a small church and they do not have a nursery, so we knew we would have to take Will with us in the service.  He did well during the singing part of the Sunrise service but I had to take him out during when they went outside to watch the sunrise because he kept pointing to the cars and yelling the word "car" over and over again.  After sunrise service, we had breakfast at the church and then went back to Mawmaw's to take a nap before the normal Sunday service.

At the regular service, Will did well during the singing and even participated in the children's church part.  They gave out suckers to the kids, and that was a bad idea. When the preacher started his sermon, Clay had to take Will out to the playground because he felt like he needed to "talk" to the preacher in a very loud voice.  Maybe next year will go better, but I doubt it. 

After Church, we went back to Mawmaw's to eat lunch. It was yummy and Will got his easter basket. He also got some easter cards from Pawpaw and CC, and Mawmaw.

After lunch, we headed out to hunt Easter eggs. Will did really well. He would find the eggs and then put them in his basket.  When we finished hunting eggs at Mawmaw's, we headed to Roanoke to visit Clay's grandmother, aunt, uncle, and cousins. His cousin, Misty, held a big Easter egg hunt and her husband cooked out for everyone. We had a fun spending time with them and meeting some people from Clay's childhood.  Will hunted a few eggs there but he was getting tired and we knew we needed to head home.

We had a great Easter.  It is a wonderful way to celebrate that Jesus rose from the grave! We love worshipping at Mawmaw's church and spending time with our families!

Here are some pictures from Easter:
Will's Easter basket

Will looking at his goodies.

Hoarding the eggs.

Daddy and Will before Church.

Our little family. It is really difficult to take a picture with a one year old. 

Will with CC and Pawpaw.

Easter outfit.

Ready to find some eggs!

Putting eggs in his basket.

Letting CC see one of his eggs.

While picking up an egg, the basket got in the way and then he fell over.  He wasn't hurt but it was really funny!

Going up and down the stairs with Mawmaw.

Hanging out in the swing with Pawpaw.

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