Sunday, April 11, 2010

MA turns two!

Melanie Anne turned two on April 3rd! I cannot believe that she is TWO already!

She is such a sweet little girl and has a great personality. I love getting to spend time with her and her parents. Lisa and I are such great friends and I hope MA and Will continue the tradition!

MA had a Curious George birthday party at her Nana's and we were so excited to go. Lisa asked everyone to gift her with books and I just have to say, MA will not need to buy another book for a very long time!

All the kids enjoyed playing together and thought they needed to "help" MA open her gifts. After the birthday festivities, they all played out in the yard together. I believe Will was the youngest. All the kids were running around and Will was doing everything at his own little pace. He was having a blast and loved watching the big kids.

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