Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Beach Trip

We just spent 8 wonderful days at Orange Beach. The weather was absolutely amazing. It was 80 degrees and sunny every single day. Of course the best part of the trip was spending our days with Will and the rest of our family. My mom and dad, John, Richard and Julie spent the week with us.

The guys spent most of their days playing golf. My dad even played golf for the first time in 4 years. He hasn’t been able to play due to his back, but since he had surgery in the winter he decided to try and go. He had a great time even if he was a little sore after.

The girls and Will spent time on the beach playing in the sand and reading books. I think we probably read 4 books a piece. Will had so much fun this year playing in the sand. Julie also bought him a kite and he thought that was great!

We spent our nights eating out at our favorite restaurants: Doc’s, Mikee’s, and Lulu’s. Mom and Dad even kept Will one night so we got to eat dinner and go for ice cream.

Will absolutely loved the pool. We spent a lot of time in the pool this trip. He was all about swimming like a “big boy” and jumping in. He never really swam because Clay or I were always there making sure he didn’t go under, but he did a great job and was not scared of the water at all. The condo we stayed at had a little baby pool that was only a foot deep. I thought that was perfect, but Will was did not want to go in the baby pool. He always wanted to go to the big pool! I think we have a little fish on our hands and swimming lessons will be in our near future.

On Wednesday morning, we decided to go to the Naval Museum in Pensacola. That morning it was a little foggy on the beach so it was the perfect morning to take a break from the sand. I had not been to the museum in years, so it was so interesting to see it as an adult. Will loved looking at all the planes and model aircraft carriers. They even had a little kid play set that was set up like an aircraft carrier. He didn’t want to leave that. The funniest thing happened while we were there. They had an area set up to look like a base camp during the Vietnam War. There was a little tent with a mannequin in uniform that looked like he was sleeping. Clay and John told Will the man was sleeping and I guess Will thought he needed to be awake, so he would go over and whisper “wake up, wake up” to the mannequin. He would then look at us and tell us the man is “sweeping, he need to get up!” It was hilarious!

The best part of the trip was putt-putt golf. Will has been really into golf lately, so Clay and I thought he would be the perfect age to play putt-putt for the first time.  Will had so much fun hitting the ball and chasing after it. He even listened to us so that he knew the rules and followed them 90% of the time.  After the first night we went to play, he wanted to go every night!  We went one other time and it was so fun.  Will loves golf so much more now that we are even thinking of making a small putting green in our back yard.  Of course, Clay hopes that Will continues to love golf!

It was such a great trip and I loved being able to take a week off to spend with my family! We are already planning to take a long weekend trip in September!

To see the rest of the pictures from our trip, go HERE.

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