Tuesday, April 26, 2011

There is a tree inside our lake house!

The Friday before we left for the beach, a couple of bad storms came through the area. Nothing at home was damaged, so we didn’t think much about the storm.

The Friday that we were at the beach, we got a call that we had some damage at our lake house. The neighbor that we have there had been trying to call us all week but wasn’t able to reach us. My cousin was taking her kids down there for the weekend and when she got there, she found this…

Obviously, the tree is not supposed to be in the lake house. There were lots of trees down all over our property and we had damage to our porches and our pier.

While it is a very serious situation, we were very lucky not to have more damage and no one was there so there were no injuries. It is just stuff so we will all work hard to repair the damage.

More pictures HERE.

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