Monday, April 4, 2011

Talking and Singing

I have been loving spending time with Will.  He is growing up so fast!! Kristen and I were talking about how just in the last month Will's vocabulary has taken off. He is putting together more and more sentences that actually make sense.  Tonight, we were going to eat with Kristen and Will said in the car "I go see Kristen and Izzy. Izzy potty outside in back yard."  (FYI-Izzy is Kristen's dog.)  It amazes how much he knows and how much he remembers.

He also has learned his first bible verse and has said it about 4 times without any help.  It the first part of James 1:17, "Every good and perfect thing is from above."  We also do our prayers every night and he lists off the people he wants to pray for.  99% of the time Gavin is the first person he asks to pray for.  Then we pray for our family and friends by name.  It really is the sweetest thing you could ever witness as a parent.

Will is really into singing right now.  Oddly, the Jack's Hamburger jingle is one of his favorites.  He also loves to sing Jesus Loves Me, the ABCs, I'm a Little Teapot, the theme song to Wonder Pets, and the Auburn fight song.  He is so funny singing all of these. 

And as most 2-year-olds do, he is repeating everything!!!  Clay and I have really had to watch what we say.  Our family and friends have become really aware of our little tape recorder so they are trying to watch what they say too. 

I am loving this stage and am so happy that we can really have these cute little conversations with Will.  I am so happy that I am his mom!  It's the best job ever!! 


  1. I Love,Love,Love these blogs!!!!! Love you three too!!!! Shawn