Tuesday, October 11, 2011

First Post in the Month of October

I didn't realize how long it had been since I posted last until my husband pointed it out to me. 

We haven't really had that much going on, but I feel like we are always busy.  Life is just crazy sometimes and I guess we are just getting through it the best we can.

Clay and I have both had a lot going on at work. So that keeps us pretty occupied. Then we have church commitments, Auburn games, and softball.  Will is still loving school and is usually pretty tired when he gets home.  We try to make time for the library and play dates.

Also, Mr. Two-Year-Old has been giving us a run for our money.  It is just a phase, but it is a tiring one. I don't want to complain because Will is our whole lives, but if you have ever had a two-year-old you understand.  It's just tough some days. He is so independent and strong-willed that it gets the best of all of us. 

Regardless of some behavioral issues, we have done some fun things lately and I plan on posting about those soon!

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