Sunday, October 30, 2011

Harvest of Friends

Tonight was Harvest of Friends at our church. I have come to love this tradition at our church.  It is so fun seeing all the kids run around in their costumes and getting to invite people into our church for dinner and games.

Will wore his baseball uniform. He loved it and couldn't get enough of the socks.  I had a friend make the shirt and he loved that it was his favorite color - GREEN!!!

He played a couple of games and rode on the train.  He even did trunk-or-treat with Mawmaw for about 10 cars. 

Here are some pictures from the night:

Playing soccer.

Not loving the train ride at first, but he got over it and rode the train about 10 times.

Uncle John!

Playing a game with Kritchen.

Riding the train with "Linda". Can you see his little blonde head?

Will and Jackson. Jackson was literally running all over the place so we had to catch him to get the picture.

Best buds - Will and Gavin.  This is the first successful Halloween picture of the boys. Normally, one or the other or both are crying.


Will with his "best fwiend" Cody! Love how funny both of them look!

We had over 400 people come to Harvest of Friends and we were able to share Jesus with them and that is the most important part of the night!!

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