Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Will goes to Legion Field

Saturday, we went to a UAB football game with Kristen and Jordan.  Auburn was playing away and the game wasn't until later that night.  The wearther was perfect so we ventured over to Legion Field for the UAB/Mississippi State game.

Jordan is a huge UAB fan so Will knows a little bit about UAB just from us hanging out with him so much.  Will always tells us "Jordan favorite color is green and gold."  Will also knew that a dragon was the mascot. He seemed fine iwth that fact until the morning of the game.  In the car he kept telling us that he "wanted to see football not the dragon."  I got worried that he may not like it once we got there.

It was fun to go to another staduim and watch a different team play. Will really enjoyed it and he had lots of room to roam around.

By the end of the game, he was telling me where "Blaze" (the mascot) was and talking all about him being a dragon.

Of course, there had to be a small panic attack thrown in.  At the beginnning of the fourth quarter, Will was restless so i told clay and Kristen and I would go aheasd and start walking to the car. Clay reached in his pocket and he didn't have our car keys.  We all paniced!  We asked a police officer and he radioed to the lost and found. No keys.  We looked in all our bags and pockets. No keys.  Clay ran to the car to look and found the keys. He left them in the ingnition with the doors unlocked.  Most people would say that Legion Field isn't in the best part of town, so we were so happy that our car was right where we left it!

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