Tuesday, June 2, 2009

3 months old and other random thoughts

So I have been absent from the blog for a while. I feel like we have been super busy, but don’t feel like anything has really been accomplished. This week was my first full week of going to work every single day. Due to this, I am drained. So here is what we have been up too:

1. Sunday, May 31—Will’s First Day in the Nursery at Church

He enjoyed it. Clay and I did too. We were both actually able to focus during the service. When we picked him up he was smiling. Mrs. Robbin said that every time another baby would make a noise, he would get a concerned look on his face. I guess he is not really used to being around other kids. So far the only other kids he has been around are Gavin and MA, and they are pretty easy going.

2. Monday, June 1—Will’s First day of Daycare

Clay and I were a little apprehensive about it. I thought I would totally freak out, but I surprised myself and was actually okay with it. It helps knowing that Tabitha is there to watch over him and I know she would go into “mommy-mode” if anything were to happen with him. He has two teachers, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both have given us good reports everyday and I hope that continues. He is smiling when we drop him off and pick him up, so things seem to be going smoothly.

3. Thursday, June 4—Will is 3 months old

My baby is growing up! These last 3 months have flown by and I feel like I am going to miss something. Will is a happy baby and we are enjoying watching him grow and learn.
Here are a few things about him at 3 months
□ He will sit in the high-chair like a big boy
□ He loves being outside
□ He is grasping onto things
□ He smiles all the time
□ He slept through the night a couple of times
□ He watches TV—This is so funny to see. I think it is the colors or the sound he is drawn too. We were at mom and dad’s, and mom was holding him and he was so focused on the television. Then we would try to get his attention and he would just lean in closer and would ignore us. It was hilarious.
□ He loves staring at his mobile--We didn't even know he would like one of these and he didn't have one, but they have them on the cribs at daycare and he loves them. So we bought him one. He will just lay in his crib starting at it and smiling.

4. Thursday, June 4—Judgement House

A local ministry (Extreme Ministries out of Pell City) in our area did a Judgement House this week. We decided to go because John and Ashley were counselors there and some kids in our youth group were part of the drama. Two of the youth, Dan and Cynthia, played two of the main characters in the classroom scene. The rest of the youth were the other students in the scene, and Robbin was the teacher. They all did a really good job and Clay and I were very proud of them.
This particular Judgement House was focused around 3 teens who die in a car accident. Two go to Heaven and one goes to hell. John had given me some information about it before we went so I thought I could handle it. Clearly I could not. There were 9 room/scenes. I started crying in the first room. We will just chalk that one up to my raging hormones. Then in room/scene 9 (Heaven), I totally lost it. I am sure all the people playing angels thought that I was a lunatic. Here is the reason I started crying: we walked in and I looked around, and there was a women playing an angel and she was holding a baby doll dressed as an angel. Immediately I thought of Will. I guess just the thought of him being an angel (and what that would mean) totally sent me over the edge. As we were walking out, I composed myself, but it really hit home. Things are so different when you have a child to think about and it really changes your perspective. It makes you want to be a better person for them.

5. The upcoming weekend

Clay is headed to the lake to help my dad with some projects and due to some painting that will be happening, Will and I will be staying home. This is not the first time that it will just be the two of us overnight, but this time it is two nights.
I am actually looking forward to it, because I have missed him so much this week. It will be good bonding time, and we might even do some shopping!

Well I think that catches everyone up. Hopefully it won’t be so long until I post again!


  1. Thank goodness you updated! :)

  2. Hey Amanda! I didn't realize ya'll lived in Pell City- what day care do you use?

  3. wow...long post...lots of comments!

    1. I love that Will is at Bethel! I feel like I have two kids now! Much to Gavin's dismay... because time spent with Will is time taken away form him and I think he realizes that! LOL!

    2. Will def. loves the mobile in his bed at daycare! He talks to it all the time! SO CUTE!

    3. I think I gave him the outfit he's wearing in the picture with your mom. LOL!

    4. I'm glad I was busy and didn't get to go to the judgment house because I nearly cried just reading about it....

    5. And YAY for sleeping through the night! How many times did you wake up and go check to see if he was still breathing? I think you have the same baby monitor we do...if you turn it up all the way (and you have the receiver close enough to the crib) you can hear him breathe. Seriously...