Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimming and Sleeping...but not at the same time!

Will sat in a baby pool while four adults hovered around him went swimming for the first time this week at the lake (obviously not in the lake). He liked it for about 10 minutes, then he was over it and threw a fit. He cracks me up.

And because I know people will ask, Clay was taking these pictures. I was literally 6 inches from my child the entire time. Also, Mom and Cousin Richard were right there too. These were just the only two shots where I am not in them because I would prefer to not show pictures of myself in a bathing suit. I am not that brave to have those type pics on the internet.

Also, there was a big change in our house Sunday night. Will is now sleeping in his crib. The pack-n-play has been put away. It will only make appearances on trips and for when he starts moving and we need to contain him. He has done really well with the transition, me not so much. When he was in our room, I would only wake up if I heard him moving around or crying. Now that he is in his own room, I get up at least every hour to check on him. I am trying not to worry so much but I still need time to adjust. I guess it is a new mother thing, but I need to see if he is breathing. Plus, he has started rolling over so he pretty much rolls to his stomach at some point during the night. This totally freaked me out the first time it happened. He is definitely a mover and is never in the same place where I put him.

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